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Our international art books are beautiful gift books with pictures and lyrical poems as well as cultural-historical background. These bilingual art books (first in English and also in German) come in full color and are published as hardcover or softcover (or both) books. We usually publish two to four books a year.

The English sections of our books are translated by professional translators (all of whom are native English speakers). In addition to the solo books we offer, there are various book series that are accompanied by international contests.

Series of our art gift books:

  • Enter into Art – LOUNGE 1, 2, 3 and 4 (large format artworks)
  • ART RETREAT (small format pictures)
  • Solo art books

Different prizes are awarded for each book project. Please read our conditions of participation! More information you can find in the FAQ.

Enter into Art – LOUNGE

The LOUNGE series of books with large format artworks is based on three different book concepts:

  • LOUNGE 1

Book project “art château”

As editors and PR professional, it is important to us to create art books based on brilliant ideas. The content, size and design of the new book series are similar to the book “Excellent Art 2022” (A4 format) – but with a different background. You are free to decide your subject of choice. The international art books focus on 4 to 6 works by international artists, which are presented on a double page with an art interpretation (English / German – written by the editor). In terms of content, the book will also pay attention to the interplay of art history and wine (in connection with vernissage / opening). The book is designed accordingly by the editor. For further information please see the CALL FOR ARTISTS “ART CHÂTEAU”!

  • LOUNGE 2

Special topics, occasions and events

With their large format images and typical gift book format (21 × 21 cm), the LOUNGE 2 series of books focus on certain topics in order to reflect on them from the sensitive view of artists around the world. Usually it is a homage to a famous person and their work in connection with an anniversary. An entertaining foreword about the respective book topic will be provided and the images will be accompanied with art slogans, written by us especially for your work of art. There will be short poems on special pages as well as a matching book design. About 50 – 70 artists can participate, with one art picture per page.

You can find more information about the book project “A Fine Art Journey” with contest here.

You can find details about the books and the ISBN on our website:

A Fine Art JourneyMoonlight SonatasFlowers for MonetFairytale Art for MozartOdyssey of LifeAnimal Worlds of ArtArt in Dialogue with NatureColor Symphonies – Magic of La Bohème (link follows later)

  • LOUNGE 3

Exquisite works of art: pictures, objects, installations, sculptures

The series “Excellent Art” in a larger gift book format (21 x 29 cm) is aimed primarily at winners and finalists, as well as while guest artists are also welcome. About 50 artists can present 4 – 6 artworks on a double page. With our popular aesthetic considerations on the respective image pages readers can delve deeply into the works of art. In accordance with our PR and gift book concept, the interplay of art and classical music also plays a role in this series of books. There were innovations with Volume 2 and Volume 3 (with the A4 format): Each book will recommend a famous piece of classical music, which art lovers can use to meditate when looking at the artworks. The piece of music will be introduced and briefly described. In addition, the theme of the piece of music is accompanied by suitable poems. There are also the double pages “Art and Poetry” in this book series.

You can find details about the books and the ISBN on our main website:

Excellent Art 2019Excellent Art 2020Excellent Art 2022

  • LOUNGE 4

Smaller number of artists

A relatively small number of artists is presented in a typical gift book format (21 x 21 cm). With our popular aesthetic considerations or other interesting contents in the foreword, readers can delve deeply into the works of art. The focus will be on large format works and various art objects, such as sculptures. The number of artists and also the number of art images per page can vary. Due to the relatively small number of pages, the book is cheaper.

You can find details about the books with the ISBN in the category ART BOOKS at the sidebar: 16 times ART – 16 mal KUNST

Art Retreat – Kunstretreat

This series of books with hundreds of small-format art pictures is based on the “Enter into Art” competitions “Fascination of Worldwide Art and Color” (miniprint and mixed media).

Embedded in a context of color and meditation, art lovers can travel to a landscape of international art to find their magical places in the form of individual works of art. All award winners are shown on the cover. From 2019 the book will be published in 21 x 29 cm format and in two languages (English and German). It will be focused on the theme “Living with Pictures”. In addition to the small-format pictures, featured artists with large-format artworks are presented on special double pages. Each book is also accompanied by a popular cultural-historical theme. In addition, each color chapter in the book receives an appropriate recommendation from classical music. Artists and poets are also welcome to present their poems in this series of books.

However, the format or size of our gift books can change flexibly depending on the number of participants and design considerations.

You can find details about the books and the ISBN on our basic website: Kunstretreat 2016Kunstretreat 2017Kunstretreat 2018Kunstretreat 2019Art Retreat 2020-21 – Living with Pictures

Solo Art Books

There are two series of solo art books with different designs and contents! Take best a look yourself!

In our solo books, artists and poets can each present 20 to 30 works on a specific topic. We write an entertaining foreword and bring artists and poets together. The topics must be discussed beforehand. In general, the poems can be provided from our own repertoire.

Series 1:

You can find details of the books and the ISBN on our basic website:

Silver the Creek  –  Cat Love  – Silent Paths

Series 2:

You can find details of the books and the ISBN on our website:

Isao Kobayashi – Mysterious Worlds – Derwin Leiva – Cubism from Hawai’i


General information about our books:

Participants can buy the books – they are featured in – for a reduced author’s price directly from the publisher. The book will be published by the bookseller PEECHO in the Netherlands and also by a German publisher (usually ‘Rediroma’), to ensure the widest possible distribution. We work with books-on-demand publishers with a well-known background in the field of intellectual literature.

The publication will be produced solely for the benefit of the participants and is intended as a means of publicizing their work and ensuring the ongoing promotion of their images. It will be available in bookstores and on Amazon, as well as being incorporated into the German library network. All our books can be found by the ISBN in over 20 internet stores. The ISBN of our books you will find in the blog posts about the books. Please click here in the right sidebar: Art books

Example links to Amazon:  EXAMPLE 1  –  EXAMPLE 2 – EXAMPLE 3EXAMPLE 4

Since our art books are also poetry books, we welcome poets from all over the world. The poems will be published on a double or single page in the native language of the poet. If you are both an artist and a poet, you can present your poems along with your artworks in the special “Art and Poetry” pages (book series LOUNGE 3 – “Excellent Art”, LOUNGE 1 “Art Château” or “ART RETREAT”). If interested, please ask for more information.

There is a participation fee for our work. As the editors, we own the copyright to the art and gift books. In a very complex process we bring the artists from around the world together. We select the artists and poets as well as their works and arrange them in an overall intellectual and aesthetic manner, which is embedded in our creative concept. We’re looking for popular topics to make the book most effective in terms of public relations. We compile the collections, create the title and design and hire professional translators. The books also contain our own texts (art considerations, foreword, art slogans etc.), poetry and illustrations as well as cultural-historical background. Through their participation, the artists acquire the user rights to the books as co-authors.

Participating in our publications gives an artist credibility in the eyes of potential buyers and professionals. The books are also used by professional people as source books for various art projects. You can find more information about the distribution here:

Free service: Please read more about here!