Maybe you’re a poet too?

If you know interested haiku poets, please contact us!

Following the art and gift book concept on our joint projects involving artists from all over the world, we offer haiku poets (or other short poetry) around the globe the chance to present their poems in our international gift book projects. The poems can be delivered in your mother tongue! We are always planning new international and individual art books in which we can print your poems. Special double pages for art and poetry are also available for this purpose (mainly in the book series LOUNGE 1 and LOUNGE 3 / Excellent Art and Art Château).

Please have a look to the overview of our art gift books!

The poems must be ready for publication!

Haiku, Art and Music

If there is no translation for your poem, we will publish it in your native language because reading foreign-language lyrics or different fonts is as exhilarating as reading in the mother tongue. It is like music or color-sounds and it increases the intercultural impact of our projects.

Book publications or participation in worldwide events contribute to a successful reputation. Gift books with poetry are popular giveaways. Books are permanent and lasting! Our stylish illustrated gift books with international art and poetry are designed with relaxation in mind. They are available worldwide in many internet bookshops and are available within the German library network.

In this international and meditative environment, you will surely feel at ease as a poet. The joint projects with international artists were preceded by a long-standing collaboration with renowned publishing houses. In the ‘Enter into Art’ book series Gabriele Walter published a lot of haiku poems, which are specifically geared to the book’s theme and form a poetic framework. Together with the Japanese artists Chiemi Itoi and Takanori Iwase, she published the bilingual solo books ‘Cat Love’ and ‘Silver the Creek’ (collections of art pictures and haiku poems). Since 2010, she has regularly published haiku poetry as a book and blog writer.

Haiku poems are not only written in Japan, they are now very popular all over the world, mainly because of their natural and meditative content. For example, if you listen to the voices of the birds, you will notice that they sing in syllables like a haiku verse. Likewise, sounds are reflected in the form of color tones and rhythm in the art images. With this poetic feeling Gabriele also writes most of the texts in our books (forewords and art interpretions). Our books are translated into English by professional translators whose mother tongue is both English and German. Ms. Sanner also speaks Japanese and has a talent for poetry.

We look forward to your participation!