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Relaxing and meditating with art are fun! The following red link leads to our detailed instructions for an art meditation:

Art Meditation in English

  • Mindfulness meditation (technique, style, shape, color, light, mastery)
  • Pleasurable meditation (deepened or extended meditation)

Online show available on the 

German travel and relaxation blog “Bernsteinrose”

All participating pictures are published on our online ARCHIVE, which can be found here on the English website:
In addition, the pictures will be published in our German online journal. Just as in our art book series “Kunstretreat”, the online show of artworks on the German blog is sorted by color.
  • (Bernsteinrose-Blog)

In the footer or in the right sidebar of the website you will find the “Google translate”. Please select your language! We recommend the translation into English, since German belongs to the same language family.

What is the content of the German blog journal?

Since 2010, we have published one or two posts per week on our travel and relaxation blog, “Bernsteinrose” (Amber Rose Blog). The motto of this blog is ‘Travel in leisure, relax in life’.
The elevator pitch for the blog is: Relaxation and inspirational travel; travel tips, spiced up with lifestyle, art and poetry. Guided relaxation and deceleration through enjoyment and mindfulness meditation suitable for holidays and the everyday. Free greetings cards and videos.
Meditation in the religious or esoteric sense plays no role! By our artistic exhibition and presentation concept we will examine only the attentive and relaxing viewing of a work of art!

1. Art Excellence – the basis of our rewards and mission

The main category is KUNSTgenuss with Art Excellence as the subcategory (drop down menu) of the German Bernsteinrose Blog, in which we publish our aesthetic considerations and guided art meditations on the award-winning images. We also publish blog posts about solo exhibitions.

Featured artists:

In this category, further articles about selected artworks, which can be ordered from us on request, can be found. If you are interested, please send us an email to receive our special rules for featured artists. The blog post can also be translated into English and published here on the website.

2. CONTEST Art category on the Bernsteinrose blog journal

The blog category CONTEST Art (WETTBEWERT Kunst) is dedicated specifically to winners and finalists. Similarly, it contains blog posts within the Selected Artworks section. The latter gives all participants the opportunity for recognition.

3. Annual german online show – sorted by color

In the German blog archive of the gallery (category “Kunstgenuss” / “ONLINE-GALERIE – Archive“) after one year the pictures of the previous year will be publicated and there will be available forever!

The German online show consists of two parts:
  • Gallery of exhibited artworks (upper menu)
  • Art Enjoyment” category on the “Bernsteinrose” blog journal (menu below)
About the gallery:
In the upper menu bar of our website, you can find the gallery “Virtual Art Installation: ART INTERNATIONAL” (in German: “Virtuelle Kunstinstallation: ART INTERNATIONAL”):
In addition to the meditative arrangement of the images, the online show may include poetry and relaxing music, as well as graphics or videos according to our conceptual philosophy.
After a year, the images will be published in our German online archive (ONLINE-GALLERY) in the course of a few weeks, where they can be seen forever!
About Art Enjoyment:
Slightly below the upper menu bar, you can find the blog menu bar where the “Art Enjoyment” (in German “KUNSTgenuss”) category is listed.

The subcategory “Relax with art and color” (“Entspannen mit Kunst und Farbe”) is closely linked to the gallery. Here we publish meditation instructions and information on the different colors, along with artistic designs.

Google translation of the above linked pages into English without pictures: