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We will also be publishing our books in a publishing house so that they will receive an ISBN and be available in bookshops and internet stores worldwide. In addition, they will be placed in the German library network. We usually work together with the Rediroma publishing house in Remscheid. There you can order any number of different books in one delivery. Payment can be made by bank transfer (also without internet) or paypal.

Artists who are displayed in any of our published issues with an ISBN have the right to order copies for a reduced author price. As soon as a book has been published, we will inform all participants about the author prices. You can then contact the publisher informing him that you are an artist or poet in the book.

Rediroma-Verlag, Kremenholler Str. 53, 42857 Remscheid, Germany
Phone: 0049-2191-5923585, Fax: 0049-2191-5923586,

  • Please send an email to Mr. Daniel Bieter in English or German! Important: Please always include your full address in your email!
  • Please provide the ISBN number, the title and the volume / year of publication! Note whether there is a softcover or a hardcover edition of the book.

Usually no free copy is included in our conditions.There is no obligation to buy a certain number of books. The author prices are graded and if you buy 25 copies (or more), the price is reduced.

However, this publisher’s edition will only be published about 1 – 3 months later and usually in hardcover (matte or glossy). Please ask the publisher whether it is hardcover or softcover! Important: And please don’t forget to ask there for the author price!

Alternatively you can buy our books in a first edition by the bookseller PEECHO in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Please visit our website, menu ART BOOKS / BUY BOOKS AT PEECHO for more information! We have been offering this additional service since June 2021. Books by Peecho will be delivered within 7 – 10 days.

“Enter into Art” art gift books

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In addition to solo books, there are various book series.

Series of our art gift books:

  • Enter into Art – LOUNGE 1, 2, 3 and 4 (large format artworks)
  • Art Retreat – Kunstretreat (in particular small format artworks, but also large format)
  • Solo art books

Detailed information about our art book series.

Please note: The ISBN deliveries take longer than the Peecho deliveries. Depending on the destination, you should expect that your order will take an additional 2-4 weeks.