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The beauty of art and poetry gives people courage, hope and confidence.

‘Enter into Art’ – art gift book series


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International book project (with contest)

Art Gift Book:

Magic of La Bohème

(Homage to the bohemian and Paris)

(Book series: LOUNGE 2 – volume IX)

Editor: Kurt Ries

165th birthday and also the 100th anniversary of Puccini’s death

(No limitation on size, style and medium for your works of art!)

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Our art books emerged from our intercultural art installations. They are not conventional catalogs but sophisticated and well-thought-out art books with an aesthetic arrangement of contents (art pictures, art objects, poetry, sound, art history and living with art). Depending on the content of the book there are also our aesthetic topic discussions and thoughts or comments about your beautiful works.

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Our art book projects are carried out on time! A first edition is published by the publisher PEECHO in the Netherlands (without ISBN – usually as hardcover and softcover) and a second edition about 2-3 months later by the German publisher Rediroma (with ISBN as softcover or hardcover). The Peecho prices are similar to the reduced author’s price with ISBN. (The author’s price is considerably lower than the price in bookstores!) We will keep you informed of both releases.

Our book series and already published books!

Information about our books in the editing process

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On-screen: David Whitfield + award and book presentation

On-screen presentations of our printed art books in Cologne

The following book projects are fully booked. Participation is only possible in exceptional cases. We will work on these books one after the other. Depending on the content and scope of the book, publication usually takes a year, after all images have been received. Of course we always strive for a faster processing. Please also read our information “The way we work!”. If you have questions, please refer to the email address of the respective editor!

The free Bonus Video 2022 is online. (The bonus video with relaxing music is published once a year and always refers to the previous year’s registrations and the corresponding books. As announced, the first 20 registrations of a book project will be included with one picture each.)

On-screen art shows 2022 – book presentations in Cologne. Concerns “Enter into Art”-books published in 2021. The book presentations for our books published in 2022 will follow in 2023.

All images of our books from 2021 are published (as always, annually with the artworks of the previous year ) free of charge in our color meditations on our German website. The jury result of our free annual jury art contest “LOUNGE 2022” with all these images will be released in December 2022, we will then inform all artists!

1. Art gift book ‘Animal Worlds of Art’

Animal Worlds of Art cover (1)

840th birthday of Francis of Assisi

(art book series: LOUNGE 2 – volume VI)

Editor: Gabriele Walter

The philosophical background of the book is Hermann Hesse’s short biography on Francis of Assisi. If you have questions, please refer to the email address of the editor!

The online book is available:

The Peecho edition is available. The second Rediroma edition (with ISBN) of the printed book is also available! I’ve informed all participants about the book price.:

2. Art gift book ‘Art in Dialogue with Nature’

Art in Dialogue with Nature cover (1)

360th anniversary of Daniel Defoe and 170th of Antoni Gaudi

(art book series: LOUNGE 2 – volume VII)

Editor: Kurt Ries

The online book is available.

The first Peecho edition of the printed book is also available. Please visit the menu ART BOOKS, lower menus BUY BOOKS AT PEECHO

Please see also our email with detailed information!

The second Rediroma edition (with ISBN) of the printed book will be published in November / December 2022!

3. Art gift book ‘Excellent Art 2022’

LOUNGE-3-blau207w(art book series: LOUNGE 3 – volume III)

Editor: Gabriele Walter

The places in the book are fully booked. If there are questions, please refer to the email address of the editor!

The texts for your artworks are in progress. The book is expected to be published by winter 2022/early 2023. First the online book will be available, which we will inform you about.

The art book has the character of a beautiful gift book with art and poetry. It will be bilingual (English and German): EXAMPLE (sample book) Included is a text written by us for each artist (in both languages), acknowledging their work. With 4 – 6 pictures you can present your work on a double page. You are free to decide your subject of choice. The new volume comes with more pages and larger dimensions (29.7 x 21 cm) so that the images can be printed larger. Also the “Music Suggestion” will be highlighted more prominently on the cover. The feature about a famous piece of classical music in the book is an “Enter into Art” specialty.

4. Art gift book ‘’Color Symphonies for Gauguin and van Gogh”

Enter into Art - LOUNGE 2 - web

170th birthday of Vincent van Gogh / 175th birthday of Paul Gauguin

(art book series: LOUNGE 2 – volume VIII)

Editor: Kurt Ries

The places in the book are fully booked. Participation is possible only for exceptional cases. Please refer to the email address of the editor!

Deadline for sending the image files: November 31, 2022

The book is expected to be published by spring 2023. First the online book will be available, which we will inform you about.

The art book has the character of a beautiful gift book with art and poetry. It will be bilingual (English and German): EXAMPLE (sample book) Included is an entertaining foreword related to the theme and an art slogan for each piece of work, showing our appreciation of everyone’s contributions.




Our free service

View from Königswinter to Bonn

View from Königswinter to Bonn


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  • Book presentations with art show
  • Online book on Yumpu
  • Sustainable internet documentation (German and English)
  • Awards and Rewards (international art contests)
  • Bonus videos

In general, all of our books are presented as part of an on-screen presentation lasting several weeks at the Art Center Cologne-Kalk. Here, one image per artist will be shown free of charge. All participating artists will be informed about the presentation and are welcome to mention the art shows in their curriculum vitae. The screen with the international event is always positioned at the entrance to the cultural center. In addition to regular solo exhibitions by German artists, there is also a community college for adult education and a small theater in the Art Center. This announcement service for our books usually takes place, but cannot be guaranteed. However for undefinited time the Art Center is closed due to Covid 19!

Once a year we publish one or two bonus videos, usually for the first 20 – 30 participants per project. These are collective videos with relaxing music that are created in the course of editing the books. If a video is available, we will inform the participating artists. This also concerns our free service of internet documentation in English and German. One picture per participant will also be presented on the Internet as soon as possible.

Jury awards for larger and small-scale artworks: Participation in the competitions is basically voluntary. (Please inform us if you do not want to participate in contests!) One image from each of the featured artist double pages and one image of the book series LOUNGE 2 will take part in the annual competition for large format images in summer. In addition, an international contest for small-format images (miniprint and mixed media) is being carried out as part of the “Art Retreat” book series.

Our awards will be made by international jurors! They are rewarded by German blog posts with high-quality texts about your work of art. Additionally there are the book design awards: selected images are featured on the book cover, back cover, title page, chapter pages, or other highlighted pages in the books. The total value of our rewards corresponds to an amount of several thousand euros.

There are different options for each book project. Please inform yourself in each case in the current rules!