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Browse our art books: overview! They are well thought-out and harmoniously compiled gift books with outstanding content, which represents a mixture of modern art, art history, classical music and poetry. The books are available in bookstores, on Amazon and many other internet stores, as well as being placed in the German library network. The artist can buy books for a reduced author price from the publisher.

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Our international art books have the character of gift books with pictures and lyrical poems. The texts in the books – written by us specially for the artists – encourage readers to look closely at the artworks and to enjoy them. Through our PR strategy and gift book concept, the interplay of art, poetry / literature, classical music and cultural history is central to our book series – with prominent topics playing an important role. These are bilingual art books (first in English and also in German) in full color, published in both soft and hardcover versions. We usually publish 2 – 4 books a year. The English sections of our books are translated by professional translators (all of whom are native English speakers). In addition to solo books, there are various book series that are accompanied by international contests.

Our books are each designed and created by an editor – either Kurt Ries or Gabriele Walter. They are published and sold by the book seller Peecho in Amsterdam and by the German publisher Rediroma with ISBN.

Series of the “Enter into Art” art gift books:

  • LOUNGE 1, 2. 3 and 4 (large format artworks)
  • ART RETREAT – Kunstretreat (mainly small format artworks)
  • Solo art books

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