Our unique characteristics – summary of the ‘Enter into Art’ exhibitions, 2016


Attention is the key to success! If you get no attention, it is hard to deserve something, which is why attention is also known as the leading currency. Nothing ensures lack of success like having no attention. If an artist does not want be lost in the crowd, then he takes care to do something special, something new, spectacular or never done before. With our art installations, we will relieve you not only of this work by offering an exceptional exhibition concept, but also integrate your images within the impetus of attentiveness as a PR concept! 

About the art book

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5th International ‘Enter into Art’ Installations 2019 – Opening of the Main Exhibition in Cologne

The traveling exhibition ‘Fascination of Worldwide Art and Color’ shows small-format artworks from all over the world whose composition emphasizes meditative aspects. The artworks are arranged in ‘color zones’ for attentive viewing and relaxation, giving the idea of intercultural exchange space to flow in. Very different artistic techniques and styles are presented and combined with smaller sculptures, poetry, and sound. The exhibition gives viewers access to a broad spectrum of high-quality art and we would like to thank all artists and contributors for their commitment!

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4th International ‘Enter into Art’ Installations 2018 – Opening in Cologne

The “Enter into Art” exhibition period 2017-18 features 219 artists from 49 countries on five continents. All images submitted by artists are also presented in folders in our “Atelier Corner” (usually including two further images per artist). In addition, we have integrated the solo exhibitions of the first three award winners from 2017 into the Cologne exhibition. The main exhibition can be visited until March 14 at the Cultural Center in Cologne-Mülheim, while the exhibitions in Weißenthurm and Kobern-Gondorf will continue until May 17, 2018. A total of 20 prizes (and 47 finalists) have been awarded, including 13 jury awards and seven editorial awards.

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Enter into Art – Exhibition Concept: Tour of the Miniprint + Mixed Media Installation, Cologne 2016

More insights into the miniprint and mixed media exhibition “Fascination worldwide art and color” 2016 in Cologne: We have photographed all showrooms of the art installation in detail. Thus, we make sure that the images of all participating artists can be seen. Other components of the exhibition are pictures, sculptures, poems, relaxing music, sound (mp3 player with headphones and tone bar), as well objects of art, colored light, and color banners and instructions for relaxation through colors and art. There is also a suitable cultural program with readings, film and music.

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