5th International ‘Enter into Art’ Installations 2019 – Opening of the Main Exhibition in Cologne

The traveling exhibition ‘Fascination of Worldwide Art and Color’ shows small-format artworks from all over the world whose composition emphasizes meditative aspects. The artworks are arranged in ‘color zones’ for attentive viewing and relaxation, giving the idea of intercultural exchange space to flow in. Very different artistic techniques and styles are presented and combined with smaller sculptures, poetry, and sound. The exhibition gives viewers access to a broad spectrum of high-quality art and we would like to thank all artists and contributors for their commitment!

Opening in Cologne 2019

5th ‘Enter into Art’ International Installations 2018-19

For more photos and lists of participating artists, please visit our website’s ARCHIVE www.enterintoart.com:

The main exhibition in Cologne is on view until April 28, while the traveling exhibitions in Bonn and Bad Ems will continue until end of July 2019. Running for 24 weeks in total, this exhibition period upon the three beautiful rivers Rhine, Moselle and Lahn is a very special one indeed, that will continue for another 12 weeks. With five events it is longer than we originally dared to hope! Overall, we are expecting abundant 300 participants from 50 countries. On Monday, we will dismantle the exhibition in Cologne and immediately set it up again in Bonn. There will be no vernissage or special opening in Bonn and Bad Ems, but we expect many visitors during the all-day opening hours!

In addition, we have integrated the solo exhibitions of the first three award winners from 2018 into the Cologne exhibition: Meint van der Velde (First Prize), Kouki Tsouritani (Second Prize), Kelli Valk (Third Prize). And this year, we have introduced the “Featured Artists” category, where selected artists can now show their three artworks in special frames and have them featured in a prominent way in the installation design. 

Once again, we have integrated the extra video projection ‘Touring the World through Art’ with 47 larger artworks from 27 countries into the small-scale artworks exhibition. In addition, the large images are available in reduced-size reproductions (information photos), to take away for free. In the video, artists from all over the world reflect on the subject of travel. This very attractive offer was a test project, which has led to new inspirations in the field of multimedia events and book presentations. In particular, we feel that the brilliance of the images on the screen, as well as the multimedia-based embedding of the images with relaxing music, is especially appealing! However, we have come to the conclusion that a sophisticated multimedia presentation deserves a separate event. 

Welcome to our exhibitions in Cologne, Bonn and Bad Ems

The Polish students at the entrance to
the cultural center in Cologne-Mülheim

Once again, the exhibition opening was a wonderful evening attended by many visitors. We would like to express our special thanks to all artists visiting from abroad: We were very happy to meet a group of students from Lublin in Poland at the event. The Faculty of Arts at Marie Curie Skłodowska University has over forty years’ history in art studies. Professor Alicja Snoch-Pawłowska came with her students Hanna Popruha, Kamil Jerzyk, Katarzyna Wolczynska, Kinga Lewicka, Renata Gogol and Tomasz Belew. We are pleased that we were able to make possible the valuable three-day study trip for our friends to the art metropolis of Cologne. Alicja Snoch-Pawłowska presented to us, on the computer, some diploma theses from the last years in different fields, whose high level impressed us very much. The students taking part in our exhibitions also showed us some of their best work on Saturday. These are the professional results of an excellent education. Lublin enjoys a reputation as an outstanding science city.

We are also pleased that Catherine Gaillard Perez (France) and her husband drove in the beautiful “summer” weather on a motorbike on the 500-km journey to Cologne. Her cousin from Southern Germany was also here. Meanwhile, Meint van der Velde (First Prize 2018) has spent the sunny days in the Rhineland with his wife. Peter de Leur (The Netherlands) attended the vernissage with his family. As you can see in our photo mosaic (see the links above), we enjoyed a pleasant family atmosphere. And, of course, German visitors attended the exhibition’s opening night.

As previously stated in our blog post about the Cologne region, Cologne is a center of the arts not only in Germany, but also on an international level. Every year, the city hosts the world-famous fair “Art Cologne”, which has become the oldest fair of its kind after starting with only 18 galleries in 1967. This is one of the reasons our exhibition is particularly well-suited to this region.

Art Installation, Lecture and Poetry

At the lecture with the video projection “Touring the World…”

The hosts Gabriele Walter (poet) and Kurt Ries (artist) have contributed to the artistic conception and design of the installation (including pictures, poems, sculptures, relaxing music, multimedia and art objects). This time, we had more visitors from abroad (our artists). (It was Easter time and, on some days, we had a cloudless blue sky!) That’s why we spontaneously decided to deliver a shortened poetry reading both in English and German. Thank you very much for your kind applause! 

With her lecture about traveling, travel author Gabriele Walter gave visitors a good background for the film screening “Touring the World through Art” in both musical and lyrical ways. Her lecture incorporated exquisite travel poems by famous German poet Rainer Maria Rilke, whose work is exemplary for the correlation between art and poetry. Consequently, the films and the lecture inspired visitors to start meditating on art in this way, too. The installation includes some of the most beautiful travel haiku poems by Gabriele Walter, scheduled to be translated into English and published in the “Touring the World through Art” catalog.

Please read more about Rainer Maria Rilke in our articles about the exhibition opening events in Bernkastel-Kues and Bad Breisig. Also in Cologne, Apollinaire’s “Caligrammes” are shown as an homage to Appolinair on the tables at the exhibition (See: homage to Apollinaire). 2018 saw the 100th anniversary of Guillaume Apollinaire’s death. Rainer Maria Rilke is also known as the “German Apollinaire”.

Enter into Art – Awards

All artists with Kurt Ries and Gabriele Walter

In Bonn and Bad Ems, further participants will be added, so that the awards can be scheduled for July 2019. A total of 33 prizes (and about 100 nominated finalists) are awaiting participants, including jury awards, editorial and special prizes. There will be separate prizes for Print, Mixed Media, and “Touring the World”.

Once again, there will be an international jury comprising various countries. In an anonymous vote, the jury will select the winners. Our team will also issue a special award and honorable mentions, consistent with our public relations (PR) concept. Once again, the jury will be headed by a Grand Juror whose job it is to select the nominated finalists after the preselection round. Additionally there will be some color prizes and we will also publish the names of the finalists. Apart from the solo exhibitions, each winner receives a blog post on their images as a gift, which – if cleverly used – can become a valuable PR instrument to improve the artist’s visibility and reputation. 

After the award ceremony in July, we will publish your pictures in our English and German language website. Once again, the online display of artworks on our German language blog will be sorted by color. In July / August 2019, last year’s pictures will be replaced with this year’s and remain there for another year, and after that in the German blog archive – forever! Naturally, the images will continue to be available on the English language archive, too.

Participation in further offers

Prof. Alicja Snoch-Pawlowska, Kurt Ries and students

We would like to draw attention to our recently published art gift book “16 times ART”. This year will be followed by further book projects. You are welcome to express your interest. Currently, you can apply for two book projects with a limited scope. One of them is the international gift book Excellent Art. Further information about our book projects can be found via the above link. Likewise, we would like to draw your attention to another new offer. Artists can also be featured in our annual catalog. If you are interested and would like to apply, please let us know.

We will also continue our PR activities, mainly through our online German language events, and effectively apply them to continuously promoting your pictures on the internet. The mixture of attractive themes, art, and poetry is also the foundation of our book projects and extra events, to which we would like to invite you too.

Please look forward to the invitations to our new art projects we will send out as soon as the new event program is created. Because of the long exhibition time in this last period, we will be schedule the new exhibition period later.

Cologne Cathedral on the Rhine, left: museum complex with Museum Ludwig