Art gift books by ‘Enter into Art’. Increase your reputation as an artist!

Books always lead to success. You can read them at any age and in any place. They are popular because they bring mental enjoyment and relaxation. They are a happy and comforting refuge, a daily highlight in times of hardship, treasures of education and liberal thought. Full of excitement, they will spend the nights with us. Above all, however, they rouse our curiosity, and many of us find the most thrilling company in the world of books.

Distribution of our books

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Usually our books are on the market for an unlimited period of time. The artist may at any time buy additional books for a reduced author price. We work with books-on-demand publishers with a well-known background in the field of intellectual literature – usually with the Rediroma publishing house in Remscheid and the bookseller PEECHO in Amsterdam / The Netherlands. However, the online book is also a powerful tool for distribution. Yumpu is a very renowned online publisher – based in Switzerland.

Interaction with a matching publisher also helps to increase your reputation as an artist. The books will be available in bookstores and from Amazon and other online stores on a permanent basis (with ISBN and directory of books available). Copies will be permanently placed in the German National Library, a district library and the German library network. 

Bilingual art gift book “A Fine Art Journey” with 98 artworks and 40 haiku poems from 32 countries.
Relax and Rejoice with Art and Poetry from around the world:

Argentina, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Irland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Latvia, Louxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA

Our art gift books are a valuable reference tool for all audiences with an interest in art, and also serve as an excellent guide for all art-relevant bodies. Many artists receive the greatest attention abroad. We do not put German art in the foreground and consciously create an international platform. Since English is the main language in the books, it will be made known to international art circles, experts and networks, by providing information about it online. 

Usefulness of our art gift books

A poetry gift book does not comes as blatant direct advertising, but as a sympathetic recommendation. The ideal combination of a greeting and a gift will promote also the sale of your pictures. Gift books are either kept and treasured by collectors or happily passed on to others. Interested parties will look at your website and become more aware of you. That’s why you should present the book wherever you can – especially also on a permanent basis.

The artists and poets have also the key to success in their own hands. The book offers them a valuable tool to promote themselves and each other in a targeted way. You can most effectively promote the dissemination of the book by giving it to your friends and acquaintances. This is best basis for distribution of the book and mutual promotion by the participating artists. If every artist distributed many copies and network links, the book would soon have a very attentive international audience.

The cumulative effect of distributing and advertising the book means you will gain unexpected “access” to various galleries and projects. Books are not direct selling tools, but they help you to sell your pictures. When your images are included in a quality presentation, you will not only appear as an active contemporary artist but, in this case, also in an international context. This increases the commercial value of your works. The gallery owner can also sell your pictures more easily and at a higher price.

PR has an indirect and long-term effect, which in the end generates much better financial returns than advertising. Publishing your pictures in art books is extremely important to your reputation. It enriches your vita in an excellent way. Through our PR strategy and gift book concept, the interplay of art, poetry / literature, classical music and cultural history is central to our book series – with popular topics playing an very important role.

When your artwork hits the cover, back cover or title page, it’s a huge win for you, with a value of at least EUR 1,000. It goes without saying that this is a very special award, because it attracts the attention of a huge number of interested people. Other highlights of your pictures are also extremely effective! Finally, of course, a solo book is the crowning glory of all your releases. If you are interested, feel free to request details of our offers for solo art gift books and solo events.

Aesthetic considerations and entertaining forewords

In our publications we abstain from the usual CV with listings of exhibitions and biographical data. These can be read on your website. However, the idea for our art gift books comes also from our poetic landscape. Our texts help you in your marketing efforts, even though you may feel that your art speaks entirely for itself.

They are embedded in a poetic environment and work with an objective eye for you. With their poetic beauty, they add a new dimension to the interest in your artwork. Likewise, our essays on art are suffused with poetry, paying tribute to the thinking of Guillaume Apollinaire. He too was an art critic and poet at the same time; he wrote his art criticism texts in a meditative frame of mind and emphasized again and again the connection between poetry, music and painting.

Here in our neighborhood Apollinaire had matured into a poet. In Apollinaire, a lyrical component always resonates. Image and text form a poetic unity of enjoyment. In this case, the sound-musical values of colors, lines and shapes are also being tested. Apollinaire par excellence embodies modernity in painting and literature. His goal was to bring together poetry and painting.

Haiku poems or short poetry

As well haiku poets are often also gifted painters. As part of the poetry pages in our art gift book, artists as well as poets can present their work in it. It’s all about haiku poems. The haiku will be published in the native language of the poets and in English. If your native language is English, the haiku will be translated into German.

Like small reproductions of pictures in a book, the haiku is always amazing for its great expressiveness in the smallest of spaces. Both music and art, as well as lyrics and sound, are gateways to the self and bridges to the cosmos. Reading foreign-language lyrics or different alphabets is as exhilarating as reading in the mother tongue. It is like music or color-sounds and increases the cross-cultural impact of our projects.

However, through your participation you can benefit from our decades of cooperation with renowned book publishers and magazines editors as well from the relationships we have formed and our know-how as PR professionals.

We welcome also your recommendations of other artists and poets from around the world:

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