Living with pictures

Excerpt from the book “Art Retreat 2020-21 – Living with pictures”

Collect, arrange and enjoy art

There are many reasons to collect art: prestige, value and appreciation of the artist’s reputation may play a role for one collector, a personal relationship with the artist, the joy of collecting or the responsibility for art and its promotion for another. In addition, there are those who are profit-oriented, for whom a work of art is primarily an investment without there being a personal, emotional connection or in-depth specialist knowledge.

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Art gift books by ‘Enter into Art’. Increase your reputation as an artist!

Books always lead to success. You can read them at any age and in any place. They are popular because they bring mental enjoyment and relaxation. They are a happy and comforting refuge, a daily highlight in times of hardship, treasures of education and liberal thought. Full of excitement, they will spend the nights with us. Above all, however, they rouse our curiosity, and many of us find the most thrilling company in the world of books.

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