Additional PR support by solo books and solo events?

Solo events, blogs, personal book, online catalog, video

Solo event in the Studio Gallery “Guillaume Apollinaire”


Publication in the form of a solo gift book appeals to a wide range of interested persons and encourages greater recognition of your works of art. In conjunction with an individual designed exhibition (online event) and an online catalog, this gift book represents a wonderful opportunity for self-presentation, which in turn will enhance your own reputation. Certainly, you should talk about and promote your artistic work by word of mouth as much as possible.

You can present the book on your website or draw attention to the book in your email signature in order to stimulate admiration and recognition. Furthermore, the book will be published abroad by a publishing house registered with the National Library of Germany. This may make it easier for you to find a job (for example as a lecturer) or attract participants in a seminar, whereby you can again promote your own work and achieve a spiral effect.

Examples for a personal gift book

Videos are also very popular, especially when incorporating music. Our relaxing music is very popular. When visitors to our exhibitions put on headphones, they stay longer or more careful view the pictures on display. Indeed, we have often been asked if we sell the music or if there is a CD available. As such, videos are good examples of impactful PR.

Example for a personal video

Additional offers by solo events

Overall, then, we can offer you very special promotion comprising the following:

  • solo event
  • blog posts
  • personal gift book
  • online catalog (gift book)
  • video with music

We can offer both overall and itemized pricing of the above (that is, you can select only the items that interest you). Please ask us for our detailed rules for solo projects!