Group Exhibition “16 times ART” in Weißenthurm

Exhibition with gift book

“16 times ART”

Town Hall Foyer Weißenthurm: June 25 – August 21, 2018

Gallery with one selected picture of each artist

Group exhibition with 19 artists from 16 countries,  5 – 10 small-format artworks of each artist.


Alexander Gurevich, Israel*
Amaryllis Siniossoglou, Greece
April Ng Kiow Ngor, Singapore
Asuna Yamauchi, Japan
Eleanora Hofer, South Africa*
Elvira Clement, Germany (art and poetry)
Gerhard Rasser, Austria (Featured artist!)
Hee Sook Kim, USA*
Ida-Marie Hellenes, Norwegen
Josée Wuyts and Frans de Groot, Netherlands
Juttamarie Fricke, Germany (art and poetry)
Liliana Rizo, Mexico
Maria Rita Onofri, Italy
Maud du Jeu, France (Featured artist!)
Miriam Cojocaru, Israel
Monica Romero Davila, Mexico
Reti Saks, Estland
Serge Koch, Luxembourg
Wouter Tacq, Belgium

* Honorable Mentions (awarded with special presentation in the art and gift book “16 times ART”)

The following artists of the exhibition “16 times ART” had won an Enter into Art-award in the previous years:

Excellence Jury Prizes:

Amaryllis Siniossoglou, Monica Romero Davila, Reti Saks, Serge Koch

Honorable Mention: Wouter Tacq / Finalists were: Eleanora Hofer, Juttamarie Fricke, Gerhard Rasser

More information you will find in our awards-categories!

Photos of the exhibition

Click on a photo to zoom in and start the show! (Some pictures are provided with captions, which you can see when you move the mouse over the image.)

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