Why public relations (PR)? Why is PR more effective than selling a small-format image?

In response to artists’ inquiries, we feel encouraged to publish an article about the effectiveness of and the way in which PR works, so that artists can better understand the value of our work. Indeed, PR evokes the appearance of a mystery whose meaning is not clear to everyone. PR has an indirect and long-term effect, which in the end generates more financial returns than the sale of an artwork. And publishing your pictures in art books is also extremely important to your reputation!

Exhibitions and contests held abroad give an international touch to your artistic work, which of course also applies to our books. Our exhibition venues were (are) mostly municipal museums and cultural centers, which are very important and useful to any PR strategy, but they are not sales-based galleries. We are purely PR and journalism professionals. We can get in contact with buyers, as well as inspire readers to our books (or visitors to our art book presentations) and stimulate them to buy. But the effectiveness of our work is something else. 

To sell a small picture?

Regarding our former art events or other presentations with small images: It does not make sense to pay a fee to sell one or two small pictures. However, our work is always very time-consuming and creative in terms of content. It cannot be done without a financial contribution. But it’s not just about small-format pictures! Most of the money is not earned from sales during an exhibition, but by larger orders after it has finished. International activities, awards, publications in a book, articles on the Internet, art events and solo exhibitions, as well as art collections, are the very better ways for an artist to become successful.

Some artists even receive an order or a contract, a scholarship or another form of material or recognition. New unimagined recommendations and co-operation may arise. That said, while someone with a good graphics job can earn a lot of money every month, the sale of a small picture will maybe generate 50 to 120 euros. Working and enjoying success abroad will help an artist to be more successful and earn more in their home country. Indeed, when you receive a prize or your artworks will be featured on the book cover, title page or anywhere else, the value of your work is likely to increase. This represents a kind of spiral effect, which in turn increases (the potential for further sales) and much more your image and reputation.

International touch to your artistic work

Our success spectrum includes up to 24 awards involving about 30% finalists. With this also we want to guarantee the quality of our publications. And thus, we have helped as many artists as possible to attract more attention. The “Enter into Art” jury prizes have an extremely high reputation because they are decided by an international jury (from several countries across four or five continents) in complete independence.

The jury members are selected very carefully each year from the point of view of professional and cultural diversity. This means that the selected pictures represent the best work of art according to the most diverse cultural circles and professional opinions. The winners should be very proud of their success! If you look at the composition of our jury, you will certainly agree with us, as should your clients. Added to this are our very valuable book design prizes. You can present it anywhere at any time and generate great admiration in your circle of acquaintances and colleagues. And a solo book is an absolute hit for your reputation. (see below)

It is important to be recognized and attract attention. Your résumé and a well-designed website are also critical to an effective PR strategy and your path to success. At the same time, engaging in publicity in your own country and in the English language play an important role if you want your work to be known in your own town and your own country, as well as the rest of the world. Of course, gallery owners and relevant companies also appreciate the importance of art books and exhibitions when they choose artists. And while our posts about the books and events are linked to networking sites, they can receive many ‘likes’ and links.

Enjoy it !

However, the most important factor is the following: you will be delighted to participate in as many art books, exhibitions and competitions as possible, especially if they take place at an international level. In this way, you will not only experience inspiration, as well as enjoy new activities and exchanges, you will also reach new horizons and gain new insights. 

The quality of your artwork will automatically improve. That is why the personal factor is perhaps the most important thing, given that quality ensures the best PR for the work of any artist. But only if you make your work and success known! 

In addition we encourage all artists to link our posts and publications as often as possible. Tell about it and draw attention to it. Our extraordinary books and events give you the best conditions to point out your success and activities with charm and not be intrusive. This allows also to promote effective mouth-to-mouth propaganda for your work, which is your very best promotion.

Relieve yourself and save time

Please think about the time and cost you would incur if you tried to do the same work we do for yourself. Publishing your pictures in art books is extremely important to your reputation. Please also read our posts about miniprints (small-format images), our professional text concept, our art gift books and in the upper menu AIMS AND TASKS.  The pictures of our books and events are permanently displayed on the Internet (on our German and English websites). 

In fact, our slogan “Small is Big” is useful, not only in the sale of large, as opposed to small, images, but also regarding the effectiveness of our PR. A small picture only serves as a means to an end, as success is demonstrated in another, often unimagined, way. However, the printing of images in an art book is in principle always a small-format picture. Our conceptwith an on-screen presentation of the books offers the best possibilities for your larger artworks. If possible, we show them in a larger format video in a cultural centre. 

In contrast to online shops, where you often have to pay a monthly fee, the “Enter into Art” pictures are publicized for free in connections with blog posts about our books and contests and as part of an art book, as well as engaging viewers and readers with topics such as art meditations, color relaxation, greetings cards, living with pictures, homage to a VIP, anniversaries as well wine and art.