Why are miniprints (+ mixed media) the ideal form of publicity for an artist in the international arena?

Small pictures not only focus the view, miniprints can reproduce and ship to all countries. With their concentrated beauty, miniprints or small format mixed media resemble precious stones or blooms. In a mindful way, they are comparable to the experience of sipping fine wine on the occasion of a vernissage. That’s why we designed the catalog for our small-scale events “ART RETREAT – KUNSTRETREAT” as an entertaining gift and meditation book. The book not only includes a guide to art meditation, it also deals with other entertaining subjects, such as collecting and living with art. The ‘Enter into Art’ events were the first worldwide miniprint and mixed media exhibitions in Germany. In the future, however, we will publish the book as part of a competition. 

Art book with German publisher

Publishing your pictures in art books is extremely important to your reputation!

Small format pictures are ideal for art collectors, also if inhabiting a small space. 

  • In our gift book “KUNSTRETREAT” (ART RETREAT, Living with pictures), the images are presented as noble collectibles and gifts.
  • As authors with prestigious publishers, we were able to use our experience to your advantage. We publish our unique art books with a German publisher. You can write on your resume that your images have been published in a publicly available book.
  • Our  art books with your pictures can be purchased via Amazon and worldwide bookstores. It will enjoy an enduring distribution throughout the world.
  • Since it has an ISBN number, it is cataloged in the German National Library and distributed via Germany’s library network.

Example for the content of the art book with the concept of the former art installations:


Special chapter on a popular topic

Refuge of Muse

Collect, arrange and enjoy art 

Prize winners

Meditation instructions 

Meditation with art, color and sound 
Art meditation with colorful colors

Art meditation with red hues

Art meditation with orange hues

Art meditation with yellow hues

Art meditation with green hues

Art meditation with blue hues

Art meditation with violet hues

Art meditation with black and white hues

Featured artists (larger artworks)


The trick: Not blatant advertising

  • Given their compressed format, miniprints or small-scale mixed media more broadly represent a kind of “advertisement” for artists, even though the pictures are inexpensive and can be placed anywhere. 
  • Here’s the trick: it is not blatant advertising, but effective public relations. You can send them easy abroad and exhibit them in different places.
  • The international aura and the diversity will increase the interest in the pictures. This is why we decided to organize the first worldwide miniprint and mixed media exhibitions in Germany.
  • Not only does the format simplify participation, the production costs for small images are low, meaning that they can be offered at an affordable and tempting price!

Numerous awards and rewards

  • Last but not least, we awarded many prizes and about 30% finalists, the winners of which receive a free blog post (mini website) about their award-winning picture. The importance of prizes to the reputation of an artist is self-explanatory.
  • All winning pictures are displayed on the artbook cover “ART RETREAT”.

You can enjoy these benefits with new images every 2 – 3 year and in turn achieve a powerful repetition effect. The best public relations encourages viewers to respond voluntarily to the artworks!