Enter into Art – Exhibition Concept: Tour of the Miniprint + Mixed Media Installation, Cologne 2016

More insights into the miniprint and mixed media exhibition “Fascination worldwide art and color” 2016 in Cologne: We have photographed all showrooms of the art installation in detail. Thus, we make sure that the images of all participating artists can be seen. Other components of the exhibition are pictures, sculptures, poems, relaxing music, sound (mp3 player with headphones and tone bar), as well objects of art, colored light, and color banners and instructions for relaxation through colors and art. There is also a suitable cultural program with readings, film and music.

miniprint exhibition Cologne Germany - enter into art

2nd International ‘Enter into Art’ Installations 2016, Germany

Annual mini print and mixed media in Germany

Atelier corner with all other images

Because of the pictures with the many visitors to the exhibition at the opening in 2016 in Cologne, several artists have asked us to publish more images showing their pictures and the design of the exhibition in detail. The art installation includes 205 minipictures (miniprint and mixed media – max. 13 x 13 cm) from 50 countries (in addition 400 pictures in the folders of the atelier-corner).

The images were sorted in terms of color and content, as well as in terms of poetic and artistic perspective on the color plates. The meditative viewing of artworks from around the world in conjunction with music and lyrics, as well sculptures and light, has been extremely well received by visitors! By the color order the many small images gain a very clear and quiet charisma.

The exhibition can visited until March 13, 2016. In March and April the exhibition will also be shown in the valley of the River Lahn (in Diez and in Nassau).

Relaxation with art, color, poetry, sound and relaxing music

Showroom with the colors violet, blue, green and yellow





Power room with the colores red, orange and colorful




Showroom with the colores black and white

Atelier corner with all other images