Our unique characteristics – summary of the ‘Enter into Art’ exhibitions, 2016


Attention is the key to success! If you get no attention, it is hard to deserve something, which is why attention is also known as the leading currency. Nothing ensures lack of success like having no attention. If an artist does not want be lost in the crowd, then he takes care to do something special, something new, spectacular or never done before. With our art installations, we will relieve you not only of this work by offering an exceptional exhibition concept, but also integrate your images within the impetus of attentiveness as a PR concept! 

About the art book

Miniprint and mixed media
‘Enter into Art’ International Installations, Germany

This also applies to our online shows and our art books (catalogs). Artistic design and artistic ideas pervade every aspect of life and are becoming the new standard of value. Therein lies undoubtedly an opportunity for the artist. We do not degrade art for speculative investment, but encourage art lovers to enjoy it. 

On location, we lead interested visitors through the exhibition.

In the Municipal Museum Nassau showcases are available, so that we can show a second image of each artist.

Listen to relaxing music while viewing pictures: For each color, there is a matching music piece, which can be listened to via headphones.

With a sound bar, you can strike a scale tone and intone the meditation with the sound for the respective color.

Our cultural program has poetry reading of famous poems and haikus, but also film and music.

With our meditation instructions, every visitor can view the images in peace, while also listening to music, or wrap himself in the color and sink into the beauty of art images. At the entrance of the exhibition, there is a brief introduction: “Three Steps to Enter into Art”, so that every visitor quickly understands what is involved.

Our exhibitions are held in touristic places, as well as in centers of culture and art! Our showrooms are varied and impressive.

In the exhibitions, any further sent images can be viewed in folders. A special attraction is our wine evening, when we compare the meditative tasting of a gulp of fine wine with the pleasurable contemplation of a small-sized art image. Following the motto “Small is big”, the award-winning images are projected in a music video in large format on the wall and are explained by Kurt Ries.

One of the two relaxing loungers in our light area in Cologne.

Painted ancient sculptures in every color and presented with text as an aid to meditation using the colors.

There are altogether six panels of text with information about the artistic exhibition concept, the winners and participants, and about topics such as “relaxation with colors”, “meditating with art”, “haiku poetry and poetic art”, “sculpture” and “music and sound”.

Haiku poems are not only integrated into the color panels with the art images. There are also theme boards with haikus like fragrance haikus, haikus about the moon, birdsong haikus and haikus about the sun, which also feed into the art book.

The large pictures of Kurt Ries fit perfectly within the intercultural community project with artists from around the world. Here, in the black and white space of silence, they are alongside the moon haikus. In addition, art objects are placed so that they relate to the topic of housing. This theme plays a role in both our online gallery and the art book. We want art lovers thus stimulated to establish at home an art retreat and collect images (even in smaller rooms).

As you can see, we are also experimenting with new ideas, both in the multimedia sector and in the fields of relaxation, poetry and nature. You will be surprised in the future!

About the art book