4th International ‘Enter into Art’ Installations 2018 – Opening in Cologne

The “Enter into Art” exhibition period 2017-18 features 219 artists from 49 countries on five continents. All images submitted by artists are also presented in folders in our “Atelier Corner” (usually including two further images per artist). In addition, we have integrated the solo exhibitions of the first three award winners from 2017 into the Cologne exhibition. The main exhibition can be visited until March 14 at the Cultural Center in Cologne-Mülheim, while the exhibitions in Weißenthurm and Kobern-Gondorf will continue until May 17, 2018. A total of 20 prizes (and 47 finalists) have been awarded, including 13 jury awards and seven editorial awards.

Opening in Cologne 2018

See also our midissage in Weißenthurm – April 2018! You can get a better idea of the design of the exhibition via the “Photo Gallery” section.

The exhibitions in Cologne, Weißenthurm and Kobern-Gondorf are an artistic arrangement comprising small-format pictures by artists from around the world, usually arranged according to color. This year, we have changed the concept a little. While we have again arranged some of the pictures by color, the other part is mainly organized by topic. The hosts Gabriele Walter (poet) and Kurt Ries (artist) have contributed the artistic conception and design of the installation (including pictures, poems, sculptures, relaxing music, multimedia and art objects).

Our concept of a melange of art, poetry, music and mindful viewing of the images has proven to be very successful! The visitors were extremely interested and spent very long in the exhibition, some left the gallery just in the evening. Several visitors turned out to be true fans of the Enter into Art concept and regular customers.

Opening 2018 with cultural program: filmscreening and
reading about William Turner and the Romantic Rhine

Event with international art and poetry

This year we have integrated an international poetry event with 8 haiku poets. They come from The Netherlands, Australia and Germany. Partly they are also participating artists. By our first international haiku event, we want to draw attention to the tonal sound of language and make a reference to the color tones of the images. We have therefore published all poems in their native language. Where several colors and poetry chime together, it is called a “chord”, as in music. In the future, we would like to develop this idea and invite haiku poets from all over the world to contribute to the mutual promotion of art and poetry. The haiku is the smallest form of poetry in world literature and fits perfectly with the small format pictures.

Great interest in our concept
of mindful art appreciation

We are grateful to all the artists and poets for their participation in these international exhibitions. Again we are especially pleased with the high quality of the pictures, and thank all participants for their commitment.

Opening in Cologne and winners 2018

The opening was again a wonderful evening with many exhibition visitors. Please see the links to the blog posts in the ARCHIVE for details of the participating artists, awards and winners etc.! Thank you again to the artists who visited from abroad: Takanori Iwase (Japan) and his wife visited the exhibition in Cologne on Saturday and Sunday, while Wouter Tacq (Belgium) with his family and Adelheid Niepold with her husband (Belgium) attended the vernissage on Sunday. We are also pleased about the visit of the German haiku poets Elvira Clément.and Reinhard Harbaum with their families. 

Opening Cultural Center Cologne-Mülheim on Sunday, March 4, 2018

 Rewards and jury

This year, for the first time, there was a Grand Juror. We are happy that Bo Cronqvist from Sweden took on this honorable task. This contemporary artist has enjoyed great success in recent years, winning many international awards. He works in the field of graphics and painting. The task of the Grand Juror was to select the finalists from the preselection round. This year, in addition to the winners, we will also publish the names of the finalists.

We again selected a jury comprising 13 participants from 13 countries. In an anonymous vote, the jury selected 13 winners. Our team also granted a special award and six honorable mentions, consistent with our public relations (PR) concept. Please see all winners in our ARCHIVE 2017-18!

Great interest also for the solo exhibitions of the award winners from the previous year:
Takanori Iwase, Kurt Ries and visitors.

The first prizewinner last year, Takanori Iwase, is the purest bird of luck. After his Excellence Prize in 2016 and his 1th Jury Prize 2017 he received also an Excellence Jury Prize in 2018. We have integrated solo exhibitions for the three winners of the last year each into a room of the exhibition space in Cologne: Takanori Iwase (Japan), Stephen Lawlor (Irland) and Agim Salihu (Kosovo).

We have already written about the prizes themselves. The basic prize is free publication within a year of a meditative blog post about the winning images. The timing of publication will depend on editorial decisions. Please have a look at the examples of the rewards for the last years.

We would like to warmly thank the jury members for their excellent work. Thanks also go to the award winners for their high-quality artworks – congratulations! And of course we will send later certificates for both the winners and the jury members.

Prelude and online events

Please see the “Related links” in our ARCHIVE 2017-18 and also the bonus video for the first 60 participants, which will be publicated.

The online show of artworks on our German blog will be sorted again by color. In April 2018, we will exchange last year’s pictures for the new ones, which will be displayed there for one year. You can find them for one year in the colored online show and, after that, also in the German blog archive forever. And of course the images will continue to be available on the English archive website forever.

“16 times ART” in June 2018 in Weißenthurm – small group exhibition with art book

Last year, we expanded our Prelude exhibitions and connected them with special PR topics. We will continue to be involved with these topics exclusively as part of our PR activities, above all in the form of our online events in German language, and effectively apply them in order to continuously promote your pictures on the Internet. For more information, please read our AIMS AND TASKS! The publication of well-known poems in conjunction with the exhibitions and the themes of J.M.W. Turner, Beethoven, Goethe and Rhine Romanticism will continue in 2018. The Goethe poems are illustrated with picture galleries of the participants.

Further group or solo publishing

In addition, we would like to draw attention also to our solo exhibitions in our Studio Gallery in Bonn-Königswinter and our new extraordinary opportunities. Both offer the possibility to publish a special art book (catalog) or video.

The exhibition offer “16 times ART” in Weißenthurm met with surprising interest, so that in the future we would like to offer further alternative events in conjunction with the publication of a gift book. In the smaller group exhibition in June 2018 in Weißenthurm will take part 16 artists from Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Even (haiku) poets can present themselves with their poems in our books – also as a solo presentation.