Art gift book “A Fine Art Journey – Weltreise mit Kunst”

Editors: Gabriele Walter, Kurt Ries

With its purposefully structured content, unusual perspectives, and deep insights, and incorporating the sensitivity of people who create art, this art and gift book unravels the subject of traveling and invites readers to examine it in more depth. Eighty artists from thirty-two countries have come together to interpret traveling with their boundless imagination. Poets and artists are interested in experiencing selected places with a specific atmosphere, because their talent is based on their special power of perception and their sensitivity.

A Fine Art Journey – Weltreise mit Kunst

International Artworks and Poems

Bilingual art gift book with 98 artworks and 40 haiku poems from 32 countries.

Leaf through the book!

Relax and Rejoice with Art and Poetry from around the world:

Argentina, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Irland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Latvia, Louxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA

The project “A Fine Art Journey – Touring the World through Art” was shown as an on-screen presentation in several art installations. Artists from around the world had been invited to reflect on the subject of traveling and contributed their insightful individual perspectives. They were asked to create relevant artistic works without imposing restrictions on their specific content. This makes the book different from conventional illustrated travel books.

Embarking on this artistic journey, the destination was not so much a location as an individual symbol that differs from person to person and is deeply rooted in their soul. As part of the book project, an international jury presented 16 awards. The top four paintings appear in the book’s cover design (cover, back cover, and title page).

You can order and buy the book worldwide in the book trade and also on Amazon as well as in other internet bookshops:

  • 122 pages with 98 artworks and 40 haiku poems
  • Publisher: Re Di Roma-Verlag
  • Language: English, German
  • Size: 21 x 21 cm
  • Hardcover: ISBN 978-3-96103-809-1
  • Softcover: ISBN 978-3-96103-808-4

Book participants can purchase any number of the book from the publisher at the reduced author’s price.

Book design prize winners as part of the book project:

  • Cover – 1. Prize: Isao Kobayashi (Japan)
  • Backcover – 2. Prize: Iris Geneviève Lahens (Canada) and Ulla Wobst (Germany)
  • Title page – 3. Prize: Rune Baashus (Norway)
  • Chapter-Prizes – Honorable Mentions: Natalia Rose (Denmark), Yasuyuki Uzawa (Japan), Lukas Kandl (France), Rowena Bozic (Slovenia), Majlinda Kelmendi (Albania), Ai-Wen-Wu Kratz (USA), Ruth Helena Fischer (Italy), Viviane Briscolini (Luxembourg), Leyla Yildiz (USA), Fabienne Burdet-Ichtchenko (France)

Exhibition in Cologne 2020 with book presentation and on-screen art show
with all artworks of the book “A Fine Art Journey – Weltreise mit Kunst”