Excellent Art 2022 – Exzellente Kunst 2022 – vol. 3

Book series LOUNGE 3 – volume III

Editor: Gabriele Walter

This art and gift book introduces 47 selected artists from 23 countries around the globe. The interpretations focus mainly on the visible, specific side of paintings, sculptures, and art objects mostly leaving out aspects related to the artists’ résumés. To learn more about the artists, please refer to their respective websites. The book invites art lovers to connect with the artworks themselves. Based on the concept behind Enter-into-Art, feel free to pick a painting, mindfully dwell on it following our instructions for meditative art observation, and relax.

In the same vein, each book of the “Excellent Art” (LOUNGE 3) series introduces one or several famous musical works to contribute to the harmonious overall sound, alongside a topic related selection of my haiku poetry. By introducing musical works, I hope to inspire readers to expand their perception to the tonal aspects of art and poetry. This time I have dedicated my selection to the ocean because the ocean connects the peoples of the world: Voices of the Sea – From Felix Mendelssohn to Claude Debussy. I have chosen gems of classical music related in topic to the poems presented and marked by a striking affinity to the world of painting and poetry in general.

Leaf through the book here (online book)!

The book will be available on Amazon and other internet stores as well in bookshops and in the German library network!

Participating artists or poets can bye the book for the reduced author price! Please contact the publishers: Peecho (hardcover and softcover) or Rediroma!

Participating artists:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA

Ai-Wen Wu Kratz: Worldly States of Bliss; Alessandra Diefe: Likeness and Dreamy Reality; Angela P. Schapiro: Light in a Tunnel of Relicts; Aomi Kikuchi: Archetypes of the Subconscious; Benny De Grove: Distance and Dedication; Bert Hermans: Constructs Between Painting and Architecture; Betty Collier: Inspiration from the Animal World; Bingjib Huang: Visualizing Lyrical Communication; Bo Song: Rigorous Use of Color in Aesthetic Compositions; Charlotte A. Shroyer: Figurative Associations Verging on Abstraction; Cor Fafiani: Parodies of Fancy; Despina Kyriacou: Fragments of Extraterrestrial Landscapes; Donelli J DiMaria: Poses of Perfection; Eleanora Hofer: Matters of Raw Material and Creative Drive; Friedrun Schuster: Alluring Linguistic Imagination; Gerhard Rasser: Marked by a Meditative Mood; Gerhardt Gallagher: Landscapes in Cool Colors; Hege Ullensvang: Realism and Abstraction; Helena Laine: In Dynamic Brush Strokes to the Verge of Abstraction; Hélène DeSerres: Visions of Nature and Perspective; Hyun-Jin KIM: Trip to Lyrical Dimensions; Ivana Gagić Kičinbači: Permanent Movement; Jan Lowe: Landscapes – Lush and Lonely; Jani Jan J: Conversations of Contrast and Color; Janni Nyby: Shining a Fascinating Light on the North; Jean Jacques Porret: Rhythmical Shapes in Motion; Joseph Virgone: Visualizing Emotions; Josip Rubes: Lively Colors, Aesthetic Effects; Judith Stone: Balance of Colors; Julia Still: Paintings with Sculptural Overtones; Kathryn Kleinman: Blooming in Harmony; Luana Stebule: A Pointillist Aura; Marcel Jomphe: Structural Appeal; Martin De Saint Muerell: Smooth, Bizarre Bronze Sculptures; Masha Orlovich: Exquisite Etchings; Mel Delija: Masterful Movement; Patricia Pascazzi: Impressions between Form and Emptiness; Paul Delpani: Statements without Explanations; Ramón Rivas: Mystical Moments of Infinity; Robert Ram: A Romantic Refusal to Imitate Appearances; Torhild Frøydis Eid: Color Rising like a Veil; Tove Andresen: Intoxicating Color Variations; Ursula Müri-Venner: Fragmented Spaces Merging; Veryal Zimmerman: Artistic Vision Replacing Reality; William Zuk: Combining Movement with Stillness; Yvan LaFontaine: Reflections on the Beauty of Water

Poems: Gabriele Walter, William Zuk

Excellent Art – Exzellente Kunst 2022

(International artworks and poems – Internationale Kunstbilder und Gedichte)

116 pages with 221 artworks und 40 poems

  • Publisher: Re Di Roma-Verlag
  • Language: English, German
  • ISBN 978-3-98527-825-1
  • hardcover
  • Size: 21 x 29 cm

Book design awards:

1st Prize (front cover)
Alessandra Dieffe – Italy

2nd Prize (back cover)
Bert Hermans – The Netherlands, Hege Ullensvang – Norway,  Ivana Gagić Kičinbači – Croatia,
Julia Still – France, Marcel Jomphe – Canada, William Zuk – Canada

3rd Prize (title page)
Jean Jacques Porret – USA

Honorable Mentions (music pages)
Masha Orlovich – Israel,  Helena Laine – Finland