Solo art book: Takanori Iwase, Japan – Silver the Creek

We are pleased to announce the solo art and gift book of our artist friend Takanori Iwase from Japan. The book is based on the solo winner exhibition held for Takanori Iwase in Cologne. His wood engravings are technical masterpieces. Through his delicate representation of light Takanori Iwases images convey a wonderfully lyrical mood.

Leaf through the book!

Solo art and gift book with haiku poems

Bilingual art and gift book with 25 artworks and 23 haiku poems by the Japanese woodcut artist and multiple prize winner Takanori Iwase and the German poet Gabriele Walter. 

Also his colorful pictures, like haiku, can be compared to fluorescent dewdrops or crystals. The artworks are closely related to the haiku in genesis and spirit. 

After the two nature lovers met during an art project, the Japanese artist and the German poet decided to merge their moments of mindful observation in a poetic way.

Soft cover: 56 pages mit 24 artwoks und 23 haiku poems
Publisher: Re Di Roma
Language: German and English
ISBN-10: 3961033544
ISBN-13: 978-3961033546
Size: 21 x  21 cm

The book also serves as an exhibition catalog for the solo exhibition of Takanori Iwase in March 2018 at the Cultural Center Köln-Mülheim, to which the artist had come in person:
„Link to Amazon – Silber der Bach – Silver the Creek“
You can bye the book via Amazon and other Internet stores, but also in the book trade: