Art gift book ‘Art in Dialogue with Nature – Kunst im Dialog mit Natur’

In Memory of Antoni Gaudí and Daniel Defoe

Book series LOUNGE 2 – volume VII

Editor: Kurt Ries

When Antoni Gaudí took over as main architect of the Sagrada Familia in 1883, his feelings towards Christianity– not unlike those of Daniel Defoe’s fictional hero Robinson Crusoe – were rather ambiguous. Inspired by his dedicated study of liturgy and the spiritual dialogue between art and nature, Gaudí finally found his faith as an architect. Similarly, Robinson on his lonely island developed a relationship with God through his conversations with nature.

At the occasion of Antoni Gaudí’s 170th and Daniel Defoe’s 360th birthday, this idea brought together 65 artists from 27 countries to honor nature with contemporary imagery. The editor of this book has divided the artworks from around the world into chapters and added selected haiku poems, quotes, descriptive statements, and photo images. The result is a multifaceted homage from the imaginative perspective of modern artists.

International Artworks and Poems

Bilingual art gift book with 77 artworks and 32 haiku poems from 27 countries.

Art and Poetry from around the world

Seafaring played a major role in both Defoe’s und Gaudí’s lives. At a height of 50 m/165 ft, the shape of the Columbus Monument faintly resembles the thin pinnacles of the Sagrada Familia covered with Trencadís mosaics – one of the hallmark features of Gaudí’s work. In its enormous, light-flooded verticality, the church seems to hover between heaven and earth. Robinson, too, was convinced that “some secret power, who formed the earth and sea, the air and sky” existed, and wondered: “who is that?”…

Art in Dialogue with Nature – Kunst im Dialog mit Natur (Homage to Antoni Gaudí and Daniel Defoe)

The printed book is available in the book trade and in internet bookshops. 

  • Publisher: Re Di Roma-Verlag
  • Language: English, German
  • Size: 21 x 21 cm
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN: ‎ 978-3-98527-749-0

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Book design awards – as part of the book project:

  • Cover – 1st Prize: Ai-Wen Wu Kratz (USA)
  • Back cover – 2nd Prize: Hiromi Kawano (Japan), Ursula Müri (Switzerland)
  • Titel page – 3rd Prize: Aldina Beganovic (Italy)
  • Chapter pages – Honorable Mentions: Gunilla Klemendz (Sweden), Adelheid Niepold (Belgium), William Zuk (Canada), Francesco Ruspoli (United Kingdom), Nuria Pena (Spain), Jani Jan J. (Austria), Betty Collier (Australia).

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