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In our German blog journal “Bernsteinrose” artworks are arranged by color and will be changed every year. This means you can see the pictures from last year in the current German online show! After one year your pictures will be shown in the free German online archive forever!

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Our youtube channel presents various playlists that relate to our book topics. Attention is also drawn to the respective book.

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Video “International Artworks” with relaxing music

  • Please see the related link in the blog categories “BOOKS AND EVENTS”!

For participants in our art books, we create one or two bonus videos per year. It shows one image per artist – with relaxing music. These are videos with participants from several books. We ask for patience! As soon as a video is published with your artwork, we will inform you. Participation in the bonus video is usually possible for artists who register in the first days of a CALL ARTISTS. The number of participants is limited.

Book presentations – on-screen art show:

  • Please see the related link in the blog categories “BOOKS AND EVENTS”!

In general, all of our books are presented as part of an on-screen presentation lasting several weeks at the Art Center Cologne-Kalk. Here, one image per artist will be shown free of charge. All participating artists will be informed about the presentation and are welcome to mention the art shows in their curriculum vitae. The screen with the international event is always positioned at the entrance to the cultural center. In addition to regular solo exhibitions by German artists, there is also a community college for adult education and a small theater in the Art Center. This announcement service for our books usually takes place, but cannot be guaranteed.

Public relations on the Internet:

In addition, our art books are published in other international and German online journals!