Art gift book “Flowers for Monet – Blumen für Monet”

Book series LOUNGE 2 – volume III

Editor: Kurt Ries

Don’t we all long to live like flowers, alive with perfect beauty? The work of Claude Monet (1840 – 1926) is a seed that has firmly taken root in the world’s artistic heritage. It was a trip that inspired Monet to create his radiant garden in Giverny. After traveling through the night, the flower fields in Holland appeared before his eyes like a bright sea of colours, in which the blossoming individual flowers simultaneously dissolved and fully unfolded. Flowers unite the light energy of the sun and the mythical spirit of earth and water. Based on this idea, 67 artists from 29 countries came together at the occasion of Claude Monet’s 180th birthday to honor the well-traveled impressionist with contemporary artistic abundance.

International Artworks and Poems

Bilingual art gift book with 73 artworks and 36 haiku poems from 29 countries.

Relax and Rejoice with Art and Poetry from around the world

Apart from Antibes, Venice, London, Norway, and Brittany, Monet mainly painted in Normandy: In Étretat and Rouen, and in Giverny where he finally found a haven in his art-inspired garden.

The editor of this flowerful almanac has divided the artworks from around the world into chapters and added selected haiku poems, quotes, slogans, and illustrations. The result is a multifaceted homage from the imaginative perspective of modern artists. Flowers possess a lyrical aura; trees are said to be antennae connected with the universe. Rejoicing in the beauty of a flower or a picturesque landscape often makes us feel like we, ourselves, are bursting into bloom. Every flower has a “deva”, a “higher spirit” possessing a mysterious power of attraction that can be further intensified by the spiritual aura of artworks.

Flowers for Monet – Blumen für Monet

The printed book is available in the book trade and in internet bookshops. 

  • Publisher: Re Di Roma-Verlag
  • Language: English, German
  • Size: 21 x 21 cm
  • ISBN 978-3-98527-372-0 (Hardcover)

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Book design awards – as part of the book project:

  • Cover – 1. Prize: Yuriko Terao (Japan)
  • Back cover – 2. Prize: Suzan Obermeyer (USA), Irena Orlov (USA)
  • Titel page – 3. Prize: Tove Andresen (Denmark)
  • Chapter pages – Honorable Mentions: Aulikki Nukala (Finland), Josefina Temin (Mexico), Yvan LaFontaine (Canada), Sarah Jane Stoll (USA), Rusu Carmen Cecilia (Romania), Joan Burger Siem (USA), Atom Hovhannisyan (USA)

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