Enter into Art – LOUNGE jury contest 2021 for larger artworks

Book design awards:

(cover, backcover, title page, music pages, chapter pages)

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International jury contest “LOUNGE 2021”

184 international artists

The “LOUNGE” contest 2021 is part of the “Enter into Art” free services. It includes the participating artists of the following books:

All artists in the “Enter into Art” books are invited and nominated:

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(From the book “Art Retreat” only the “Featured Artists” take part in this contest. There was a separate contest in the spring 2021 for the small-format pictures.)

The international “LOUNGE” contest is divided into the following award categories:

  • 1 – 3 prize and Honorable Special Prize
  • Excellence Jury Prizes
  • Honorable Mentions
  • Amber Awards
  • Finalists
  • Artists Nominee

Jury Awards

1 – 3 Jury Prizes

1st Prize: Jette van der Lende – 2nd Prize: Gerhard Rasser + Kathleen Kilchenmann– 3rd Prize: Hyun-Jin Kim

Excellence Jury Prizes


Editorial awards

Honorable Special Prize


Atom Hovhanesyan, USA, Study After Giorgione's "Sleeping Venus", 2016, oil on canvas, 76 x 122 cm

Atom Hovhanesyan, USA, Study After Giorgione’s “Sleeping Venus”, 2016, oil on canvas, 76 x 122 cm

Honorable Mentions


Amber Awards



Angela P Schapiro, USA; Ann Dunbar, France; Aomi Kikuchi, Japan; Barry Cottrell, United Kingdom; Bas Bongers, The Netherlands; Bogdan Dyulgerov, Bulgaria; Carla Kleekamp Ferdinandus, The Netherlands; Carolin Rechberg, USA; Cinla Seker, Turkey; Derwin Leiva, USA; Dorte Bundesen, Denmark; Eleanora Hofer, South Africa; Eriko Kaniwa, Japan; Evan Siegel, USA; Gro Folkan, Norway; Hans Johansson, Sweden; Hee Sook Kim, USA; Henrik Brøndsted, Denmark; Herbert Hermans, The Netherlands; Hiromi Kawano, Japan; Ida-Marie Hellenes, Norway; Irena Orlov, USA; Irina Kassabova, USA/Bulgaria; Josefine Temin, Mexico; Judith E. Stone, USA; Kaisu Fanit, Finland; Karin Guni, France; Kazuko Misawa, Japan; Kurt Freundlinger, Austria; Leyla Yildiz, USA; Makotu Nakagawa, Japan; MANO (Nora Komoroczki), Hungary; Megan Vun Wong, Canada; Natalia Rose, Denmark; Patricia Pascazzi, Argentina; Peter Kadrmas, Spain; Ramón Rivas, Spain; Rowena Božič, Slovenia; Rusu Carmen Cecilia, Romania; Steven Lamb, Canada; Suzan Lotus Obermeyer, USA; Sylvia Langshausen, Germany; Takanori Iwase, Japan; Tove Andresen, Denmark; Trudie Noordermeer, The Netherlands; Wendy Yeo, United Kingdom; Yas Crawford, United Kingdom; Yuriko Terao, Japan

Jury members:

Grand Juror: Hyun-Jin Kim, Taiwan (first prize winner)

  • Cleo Wilkinson, Australia (first prize winner)
  • Gerhard Rasser, Austria (first prize winner)
  • Iosif Mihailo, Romania (professor)
  • Kumnam Baik, South Korea (professor)
  • Lurdi Blauth, Brazil (lecturer)
  • Melinda Kostelac, Croatia (professor)
  • Majlinda Kelmendi, Albania (professor)
  • Takanori Iwase, Japan (first prize winner)
  • Vicky Tsalamata, Greece (professor)


  • All “LOUNGE” winner prizes will be rewarded in the form of PR publication (special blog post “Art Interpretation” in German) on the Internet. The blog posts for the prizes 1 – 4 name the artist in the title.
  • The winners of “Excellent Prize”, “Honorable Mention” and “Amber Award” will be rewarded with a respectiv joint blog post. All posts will be marked with our award banners.
  • The blog posts will be published within one year. The winners will then be informed.
  • All “LOUNGE” winners will receive a certificate.

Blog posts:

Alternatively, you can visit the category Art Excellence in the German blog journal. You will find Google Translate at the bottom of the German website. Please click on a link to read the blog post:

For links to the German blog posts – please see also on our main website – CONTEST