Architecture as a Synthesis of all Art Forms

Excerpts from the book “Art in Dialogue with Nature”

When Antoni Gaudí took over as main architect of the Sagrada Familia in 1883, his feelings towards Christianity– not unlike those of Daniel Defoe’s fictional hero Robinson Crusoe – were rather ambiguous. His scepticism notwithstanding, he went on to create the monumental stone bible that is now a staple landmark of Barcelona. Inspired by his dedicated study of liturgy and the spiritual dialogue between art and nature, Gaudi finally found his faith as an architect. Similarly, Robinson on his lonely island developed a relationship with God through his conversations with nature.

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Art gift book “Odyssey of Life – Odyssee des Lebens – Homage to Homer”

Book series LOUNGE 2 – volume V

Editor: Kurt Ries

He believed the “Fountain of Cressida” in Corfu was the place where Nausicaa had washed her laundry, but the island of the Phaeacians remains a dream. The German wholesale merchant Heinrich Schliemann was a cosmopolitan and a genius. Or was he just a dreamer? He sees Homer´s epics mainly as works of art but reads them in his own way. Eventually, he excavates a seafarers´ realm from the Late Helladic period and becomes the father of Mycenaean archeology.

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The gift book in German is also the exhibition catalog 2018. The foreword and the table of contents are in English. In addition to 219 images and the winning pictures in the larger format, the art book contains chapters on the topics “Living with pictures”, “Collecting art”, “Art, wine, poetry” (wine meditation), “Exhibition concept” and a detailed guide for mindful and enjoyable viewing of art and colors. In addition, there are 35 haiku poems, images with art objects, photos of the exhibitions and illustrations included. The book also contains a chapter on the topic of the two Prelude exhibitions “Homage to William Turner and the Rhine Romance” and “Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Wolfgang Goethe”. There is also a section on the haiku event in Cologne.

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