The magic of public relations

Reputation PR with art books

With the help of reputation or so-called image PR, one can generate public attention quite cheaply and sustainably. Sometimes it goes hand in hand with advertising and yet has to be clearly distinguished from it. The so-called “white PR” works with completely clean methods and is to be understood as a brilliant tool of public relations work. It is considered to be the most important success tool of the new millennium. Above all, extraordinary events play an important role. But do you have to divorce twice a year or hire VIPs and opinion makers in order to make a career as an artist or to increase your level of awareness?

Gift books don’t get old

Overview of our books: Scroll in our books!

Breaking taboos or staging scandals is not for everyone, but launching yourself in a book and establishing trust and sympathy with prominent topics can motivate potential buyers and positively influence those around you. A book can arouse a lot of interest simply because it says “Ludwig van Beethoven”, “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart” or for example “Excellent Art” or “Congratulations!” on the cover. And a fine wine combined with a vernissage always speaks for itself! This plays a crucial role, because as a result, such “VIP content” moves a lot. And all this for an incomparably low price in comparison with expensive advertising advertisements. A gift book doesn’t get old, it is basically always there.

We are constantly improving the efficiency of our PR work with new creative ideas. Just the name of an artist is a piece of public relations. But of course you have to take care of this yourself. And of course we cannot award you a doctorate or the like, but we can achieve considerably more credible successes with our PR than advertising can. In advertising, the client designs the textual and optical space, which often leads to obstruse superlatives and excessive self-praise. With our own texts and book designs, on the other hand, we set out to influence readers’ opinions in a way that gives your works charisma and a positive, lasting effect.

Attention is the key to success! VIP themes for your promotion

We are not an advertising agency, we work with a passion for good ideas and sophisticated content that can find a wealthy audience. The best clientele is won with respect. Julius Caesar founded the first newspaper and created his own press organ, so to speak. And as a co-author you will create a beautiful book together with us, which you can use as a mouthpiece because of its VIP theme. There are references to renowned content in all of our books. We offer appealing entertainment and interesting information, which we build briefly and clearly, yet brilliantly around your pictures and vice versa – the pictures around the topic, the music and poetry. Exclusivity also plays a role here, because our art gift books are an invention of their own.

Above all, you should spread them to your next circle of customers, friends and acquaintances, because 20% of your customers bring you 80% of your business, and these are mainly regular customers. They like your work and no longer need to be convinced. They can also refer you to other customers, ensuring continued art sales. To do this, you should definitely create a customer profile in which you note down all previous buyers and interested people. And you should always treat them in a very friendly manner, both attentive and accommodating, in order to improve customer loyalty – for example with a private soiree in your studio or another art retreat.

You can present our books, lay them out on a coffee table and perhaps also hear our prominent music recommendations. You should already mention the VIP topic in your invitation and draw attention to the fact that there is appropriate information, music and poetry to be heard. You can tell your guests what is in the foreword of the book. These are very interesting concise summaries on the respective topic, so you don’t have to spend time crafting the content. Surely your guests will be amazed and grateful for this valuable information that stimulates a conversation about art and culture.

Make your art buyers feel special

You can present your new pictures and answer questions about them in order to arouse enthusiasm for your art. You can also display printed advertising material so that visitors remember your work and can always contact you. Perhaps to go with it a couple of exotic snacks and fine wine. Make your art buyers feel special. Keep them informed about new pictures, art books, videos or blog posts that you are featured in. And of course about awards and exhibitions. 

It is certainly worth giving away a few books (preferably with your personal dedication) to the best or distant customers. You can purchase the books at a reduced price from the publisher (Peecho or Rediroma) at any time. If you teach courses, you can offer books to your students, and of course in your solo exhibitions. You can also try to give the book on commission at your local bookstore. (However, it might be advisable to clarify the tax issues for booksellers in your country.)

And don’t forget the holidays!

Christmas shopping starts at the end of September, but art gifts can also bring a lot of joy on birthdays, Easter or Valentine’s Day. We deliberately planned our books in size and scope as gift books (with pictures and poems). A book in connection with a music CD is a very special gift (see the link “Art and Music” below)! Even if you do not sell a picture at your soiree, you have cultivated meaningful contacts and made people happy or aroused attention and sympathy. This corresponds to the magic formula of public relations: increasing attention, trust and reputation. As in our article Why public relations (PR)? Why is PR more effective than selling a small-format image? explained, PR has an indirect and long-term effect, which in the end generates more financial returns than the sale of an artwork.

And if even a very influential person shows an interest for your work of art, you can perhaps offer yourself as a PR tool. Artists often inherently have good public relations skills. For example, offer your bank a free exhibition on their premises so that they can benefit from your art. Put your book on display there (or in another busy waiting room) to establish an international image. In doing so, develop a joint strategy that will benefit both sides and put yourself in the spotlight. Professionalism in terms of your own product, willpower and management skills are the foundation for this. And don’t forget to collect and post references, these are also very important for word of mouth. For example your participation in international books.

Increase the PR effect

The method of surrounding yourself with popular personalities is used to build a PR image. This can increase the PR effect tenfold! Our books offer you the best opportunity to put this into practice with little effort. Build yourself up with it, stage yourself through the international environment in the books. Our books have a reach that spans the entire planet. In doing so, you will spread a good reputation and promote word-of-mouth advertising, which as a rule cannot be paid for with money. Give your customers a meaning and purpose in life through the contents of our books. It is considered a mortal sin in PR not to formulate ideals and lofty goals. We research our topics scientifically for an upmarket, educated audience. Let yourselfbe carried away and promoted by our topics that are already well established in the public eye. And by the way, a bit of humor as light entertainment should never be missing – also at your events. You could also convince your clients of the relaxing and healing power of art to generate interest to buy art.

Success is a magical factor that makes further success possible in the first place. Many a prize winner suddenly wins more prizes, which is not unusual. We are also at your disposal with our successful language skills. Our books are always translated into English by professional native speakers. A professional command of the language is a crucial factor for your success. With a skilful formulation, immense effects can be created. It is a fine art to formulate powerful slogans and tantalising headlines as well as moving content. Words and sentences have their own emotion, whereby the PR area overlaps in its connection with brilliant ideas in the field of art (see our license agreement as editors).

Are you being written about?

Of course, you can also contact large publishers, who receive around 300 applications from book authors and artists every day (and may never be able to answer you due to the large number of letters). But how do you get attention and reputation as an artist, good orders and high-paying permanent positions, gallery owners, a scholarship, a solo or group exhibition or sponsorship? It is common knowledge that works of art are needed for example by interior designers and art consultans, for cruise ships, wellness hotels, posh health facilities or for the design of company lobbies. But above all, you need a good reputation for this! (Unfortunately you are certainly not the only applicant there, either.) Books are ideal for your active participation in art life and the magic word is “self-publishing” – ideally on an international level. And your own solo book is undoubtedly the most valuable reference.

However, basically also the question arises whether you want or have to sell at all. Perhaps for you art means above all joy, relaxation, culture, education and sociability. In this case too it can bring you recognition and reputation. The greatest success is shown in general satisfaction and a feeling of appreciation, connection, joy and happiness. And all of this, in turn, is the basis of good health. What could be better? We work with passion and enthusiasm for your success.

Good ideas are always honored and we have them for you! We had already implemented the method of integrating various arts in a project in our exhibitions and vernissages. Our ideas have been developed over many years and will save you a lot of time. You can use our existing connections that you would otherwise have to set up in painstaking detail. Because nothing makes you more unsuccessful than no attention. Image transfer means: “Show me that you are being written about and I will tell you whether you will be successful.”

And always remember it: Attention is the currency of the 21st century!

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