‘Enter into Art’ LOUNGE – jury contest 2022

The international “LOUNGE” contest is divided into the following award categories:

  • 1 – 3 prize and Honorable Special Prize
  • Excellence Jury Prizes
  • Honorable Mentions
  • Amber Awards
  • Finalists
  • Artists Nominee

International jury contest “LOUNGE 2022”

184 international Artists Nominee (71 finalists)

The “LOUNGE” contest 2022 is part of the “Enter into Art” free services. It includes the participating artists of the following books:

All artists in the “Enter into Art” books are invited and nominated:

Please see the nominated artists in the books. Please click on the red links!

Jury Awards

1 – 3 Jury Prizes

1st Prize: Alexander Gurevich – 2nd Prize: Ivana Gagić Kičinbači and Takanori Iwase – 3rd Prize: This time there is no third prize!

Excellence Jury Prizes

Editorial awards

Honorable Special Prize

Honorable Mentions

Amber Awards

Jury members:

Grand Juror: Jette van der Velde, Norway (first prize winner)

  • Iosif Mihailo, Romania (professor)
  • Kumnam Baik, South Korea (professor)
  • Lurdi Blauth, Brazil (lecturer)
  • Melinda Kostelac, Croatia (professor)
  • Majlinda Kelmendi, Albania (professor)
  • Vicky Tsalamata, Greece (professor)


  • All “LOUNGE” winner prizes will be rewarded in the form of PR publication (special blog post “Art Interpretation” in German) on the Internet. The blog posts for the prizes 1 – 3 name the artist in the title.
  • The winners of “Excellent Prize”, “Honorable Mention” and “Amber Award” will be rewarded with a respectiv joint blog post. All posts will be marked with our award banners.
  • The blog posts will be published within one year. The winners will then be informed.
  • All “LOUNGE” winners will receive a certificate.

Blog posts:

The winner blog posts will be created over the course of a year and then linked here. The award winners will be informed of this. Alternatively, you can visit the category Art Excellence in the German blog journal. You may use Google Translate or any other translation tool. Please click on a link to read the blog post:

  • Alexander Gurevich, Israel – 1st Jury prize
  • Ivana Gagić Kičinbači, Croatia – 2nd Jury prize
  • Takanori Iwase, Japan – 2rd Jury prize
  • Jan Lowe, Australia – Honorable special prize
  • Majlinda Kelmendi, Kosova – Excellence jury prize
  • Susan Borowitz, USA – Excellence jury prize
  • Vicky Tsalamata, Greece – Excellence jury prize
  • Ramón Rivas, Spain – Excellence jury prize
  • Aga Cela, The Netherlands – Honorable Mention
  • Ana Galvão, Portugal – Honorable Mention
  • Helena Laine, Finland – Honorable Mention
  • Mel Delija, Canada – Honorable Mention
  • Despina Kyriacou, United Kingdom – Amber Award
  • Roxana Werner, Chile – Amber Award
  • Jaime José, México – Amber Award
  • Lukas Kandl, France – Amber Award

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