‘Enter into Art’ book design awards 2022

The book design prizes are awarded according to the requirements of the book design, whereby the quality of the works of art naturally plays an important role. These prizes are awarded as part of a book project. The winning images will be selected solely from the participating images in the respective book. In our LOUNGE series we usually have about 50 to 70 participants per book. The artworks of the participants automatically take part in the respective competition.

A book design award is a tremendous success for publicity!

There are very valuable rewards in the form of your image being on the front cover, back cover, title page and other highlighted pages in the book. The prizes are divided into the following categories:

  • 1st prize (front cover)
  • 2nd prize (back cover
  • 3rd prize (title page)
  • Honorable Mentions (chapter pages or other highlighted pages).

The awards in the “ART RETREAT” series for the small format are an exception. Here, the determined jury prizes are also shown on the front cover of the book. The images of the “Featured Artists” in the book (double pages with larger artworks), on the other hand, can win a book design award by being featured on the back cover. With this book series, which in future will be published irregularly, we would like to continue our former tradition in the field of small format.

All participants of the “Enter into Art” books are invited and nominated!

All award winners receive a certificate. Basically, however, the book itself serves as a certificate, which – not only for the award winners! – is an excellent advertising medium and PR tool! Please find mor information in our “Tips and Offers”!

Book design awards 2022

Fairytale Art for Mozart:

64 artists from 33 countries

  • Cover: Evan Siegel (USA) – 1st Prize
  • Back cover: Valentina Plishchina (USA), William Zuk (Canada) – 2nd Prize
  • Titel page: Gerhard Rasser (Austria) – 3rd Prize
  • Chapter pages with poems – seven „Honorable Mentions“: Maud du Jeu (France), Manuel Morquecho (Mexico), Hyun-Jin KIM (Taiwan), Veryal Zimmerman (USA), Horst Wolf (USA), Ayşen Erte (Turkey), Vicky Tsalamata (Greece)

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Odyssey of Life – Homage to Homer”:

65 artists from 30 countries

  • Cover: Kathie Pettersson (Sweden) – 1st Prize
  • Back cover: Yvan Bedard (Canada), Vicky Tsalamata (Greece) – 2nd Prize
  • Titel page: Susan Borowitz (USA) – 3rd Prize
  • Chapter pages with poems – seven „Honorable Mentions“: Ivana Gagić Kičinbači (Croatia), Aomi Kikuchi (Japan), d. W. Whitfield (France), Philip Noyed (USA), Winnie KS Hui (Hong Kong), Takanori Iwase (Japan), Igal Permuth (Guatemala)

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Animal Worlds of Art:

In Memory of St. Francis of Assisi

60 artists from 24 countries

  • Cover: Sami Gjuka (Denmark) – 1st Prize
  • Back cover: Leo Gesess (Switzerland), Howard Harris (USA) – 2nd Prize
  • Titel page: Megan Vun Wong (Canada) – 3rd Prize
  • Chapter pages with poems – seven „Honorable Mentions“: Alexander Gurevich (Israel), Bill Zuk (Canada), Durga Garcia (USA), Maki Nagumo (Japan), Mika Sakimoto (Japan), Patricia Pascazzi (Argentina), Jaime Jose (Mexico)

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Art in Dialogue with Nature:

In Memory of Antoni Gaudí and Daniel Defoe

65 artists from 27 countries

  • Front cover (1st Prize): Ai-Wen Wu Kratz – USA
  • Back cover (2nd Prize): Hiromi Kawano – Japan, Ursula Müri – Switzerland
  • Title page (3rd Prize): Aldina H Beganovic – Italy
  • Chapter pages (Honorable Mention): Adelheid Niepold – Belgium,  Betty Collier – Australia,  Francesco Ruspoli – United Kingdom, Gunilla Klemendz – Sweden,  Jani Jan J. – Austria,  Nuria Pena – Spain,  William Zuk – Canada

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Front cover awards 2022

1st Prizes

Information about our jury awards:

In addition, there are up to 15 – 25 “Enter into Art” jury prizes and 30% finalists (both for the large and the small format), which are determined by an professional international jury. All participants in our books are automatically entered into this annual art competition. There are around 5 – 10 jury members (professors, art lecturers, award winners) from different countries and continents. Usually there will be an annual jury competition for large format artworks (LOUNGE) and sometimes too a jury competition for small format images (ART RETREAT). Please read more about our free services here! The announcement of these awards can be found in the right sidebar too, categories “Books and Events”.

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