Isao Kobayashi: Mysterious Worlds

We are pleased to announce the solo art and gift book “Mysterious Worlds” of our artist friend Isao Kobayashi from Japan. The trademarks of Kobayashi’s works are their multi-layered depth and their tonal beauty. The artist is an excellent observer of hidden details. In a world full of secrets and mysteries, his paintings are signposts towards the truth. With his novelistic and dramatic touch, he takes observers into a mysterious universe, opening the door to our imagination. The introduction of a musical work aims at inspiring readers to expand their perception to the tonal aspects of art and poetry. Inspired by the artworks and a topic-related selection of her haiku poetry, the editor chose the koto piece “Akikaze no Kyoku” (Melody of the Autumn Wind), for which the composer developed a specific way of tuning the instrument – the “autumn wind scale”.

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