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Main exhibition in Cologne 2018

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Prelude exhibition 2 – 2017

Studio Gallery, Bonn-Königswinter: Homage to Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Wolfgang Goethe

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Prelude exhibition 1

2017 – Cultural center “Kulturbahnhof” in Bad Breisig: Homage to William Turner and the Rhine romance

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All blog posts will be linked with the list of exhibition participants in Bad Breisig in 2017 and to our German online gallery. We are looking forward to a relevant reading public with an lasting interest in your art images.

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In our German blog journal “Bernsteinrose” artworks are arranged by color and will be changed every year in April. This means you can see the pictures from last year in the current German online show! We ask for your patience until the end of April. After one year your pictures will be shown in the German archive forever!


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