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We would like to use the second Prelude exhibition in the period 2018-19 as an opportunity to explain the background of our PR topics a little more. It is our goal to provide participating artists with a local and highly attractive presentation, which is also sustained on the Internet. Our online events, which are combined with an homage, serve this purpose.

Exhibition in Bad Breisig with Homage to William Turner and poems of the romantic Rhine

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Sustainable joint projects

We would like to offer the artists of our joint projects a sustainable platform for presenting their work on the Internet. This initiative creates various exhibition and presentation concepts, which are penetrated by both artistic and journalistic inspiration.

As part of the virtual Enter into Art events, blog posts on popular topics in the fine arts will be published and combined in various ways with the exhibitions, for example, by illustration with the artists’ works or through links to the artist list. In this way, we will attract a much wider audience than can be found at local exhibitions. There can be varying numbers of blog posts or series of articles, and these can take various forms.

Popular topics

Last year, we incorporated the “Homage to Guillaume Apollinaire” – in addition with the theme “Living with Pictures”. Currently, the series of articles published for the online event “William Turner and the Romantic Rhine” continues to parallel to the Beethoven–Goethe theme. These articles are designed primarily with a travel theme, featuring photos and videos.

We will illustrate the article post series featuring Beethoven’s Goethe songs with the art works of the exhibition participants. The awards for the entire exhibition period can only be made in March 2018, therefore further posts or topics will be supplemented with the images later.

In any case, the variety of art and its popularity promotes the sustainable distribution of the exhibition images. Likewise, our own mutually supporting mélange of art genres are very helpful, because they attract many interested parties from neighboring or relevant areas.

The quality of the visitors is crucial

We are particularly interested in art-loving visitors, both online and at the local exhibitions, because it is the quality of the visitors, not the quantity, that is crucial. Through word of mouth and positive recommendations, our art events have become known to the educated bourgeoisie.

Lingering visitors to our website are particularly important to us, as most of our visitors, over time, are online! To visit our exhibitions and web-based material should be as covetous an experience as possible, and we are targeting a professional audience, whereby we do not aim for an academization. We prefer unconventional concepts and value the attractive framing of topics with entertaining lectures and readings, artistic design and locations.

All of this is intensively communicated in our virtual space. A local exhibition can serve as the basis for an online presentation, which then can continuously disseminate the art work of the participants. The latter particularly applies to exhibitions in our Studio Gallery “Apollinaire”. Combining these exhibitions with lifestyle aspects give the online events a special flair. However, as they are first presented in the studio, they are initially only accessible to an internal circle of art lovers. 

Studio Gallery “Guillaume Apollinaire”

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