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Enter into Art – Winners 2017

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There are 20 awards in 2017!


Jury Awards

1 – 3 Jury Prizes




Excellence Jury Prizes



Editorial awards


Honorable Special Prize


Honorable Mentions



  • Amy Sands, USA
  • António Canau, Portugal
  • Atsushi Matsuoka, Japan (2. price, 2016)
  • Barbara Niścior (Lecturer), Poland
  • Bo Cronqvist, Sweden (1. prize, 2016)
  • Gordana Petrovic (Professor), Serbia
  • Iris Genevieve Lahens, Haiti/Canada
  • Kumnam Baik (Professor), Korea
  • Melinda Kostelac (Assistant Professor), Croatia
  • Oya Pekmener, Turkey
  • Patricia Pascazzi, Argentina (Excellence price, 2016)
  • Rakesh Bani (Assistant Professor), India
  • Roger Dewint (Professor), Belgium


Amongst other things, each winner will receive a German blog post, which will be published within a year.

Blog posts:

Links to the German blog posts: Please see on our main website – REWARDS!

See also:

Category “WETTBEWERB” (Contest) in the German blog journal

Solo exhibitions for the prizes 1 – 3:

In addition, we will report on the solo exhibitions, which will be integrated in the exhibitions 2017 (Cologne and Nassau). Please see “Solo exhibitions 2017”!