Translation of the art books “Kunstretreat 2016 – 2019”

The text content of the art book series “Kunstretreat” is substantially integrated into our German blog, “Bernsteinrose.” With Google Translate you can convert these texts into your own language, or into English, to understand what is involved. (Sometimes it is better to translate German texts into English, as these languages belong to the same family and share similar features.) However, since 2019 this book series will also be published in two languages (English and German).

For the previous editions please click the following links for individual articles:

You will find the content and concept of our events in the blog category “Interkulturelle Kunstinstallationen”:

You will find the text content of all chapters of “Art Meditation with Colors” in the blog category “Entspannen mit Kunst und Farbe”:

Older annual books:

The texts of further chapters (“Refuge of Muse” and “Vernissage Chitchat”) are published in our German blog. There you can find a blog post series on “Living with Pictures” (“Wohnen mit Bildern”) including “Wine, art, lyric”:

Please use the blog posts with the link 1 – 7 for translation by Google translator in the bottom of the German website!

The links for the special chapters about the topics of our Prelude or online events you will find in the blog posts about the annual art book  (blog category EXCERPTS in the sidebar).