Concept of the book series “Art Retreat” and the meditation with works of art

You can use our art meditation for all images that can be viewed in our various book series!

The concept is based on our international art installations of previous years. Its basic tenor can also be transferred to the art meditation with the works in the other book series. In addition to the small-format pictures from the “Art Retreat” book series, the large-format pictures from all book series are also included annually in our German online show, where they are sorted by color and inspire an art and color meditation.

Relax with art, poetry, music and sound

Relaxing energy flows from many works of art, which our gift books would like to approach from an intercultural perspective and invite you to enjoy art in a relaxing way with the help of the guided viewing of artworks. In their craftsmanship, works of art are comparable to a crystal or a precious flower with its own particular fragrance..

The reader is encouraged to dwell on individual works of art with an attitude of inner attentiveness and meditative absorption and to look at them individually. Not only the visual sense, but all five senses are addressed. Especially in our book series “Art Retreat” readers can let themselves be flooded by the colors of the works of art and enrich their “color bath” with sound and tone massages in the form of classical music, by looking at classical sculptures, and through haiku poetry.

They travel with all their senses into a landscape of international art and find magic in the form of individual works in which they can then discover and enjoy very specific colors, shapes, structures, lines and contents. The pictures are not arranged alphabetically or by country, but in the sequence of the rainbow colors. The viewer of the pictures is led into a relaxed mood or into a museum-like art meditation. In addition, the restriction to one color family encourages the eye to focus calmly on the shapes.

Since the works of art are assigned to the colors regardless of their origin, an international connection is created between the countries and people. One is often surprised at which region a work of art comes from. The “Enter into Art” books make it clear that artists and people all over the world feel and perceive alike. To make it easier for you to create a homely design with pictures, the art book also includes texts on the subject of “Living and Color”.

Relaxation with art and color

“The color does something.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Color is understood and loved equally by people of all nations because it represents that mysterious medium which really connects people across all borders and in the depths of their psyche. With the help of colors, physical and mental well-being can then be influenced. Already in the Pyramid paintings there are clues to relaxation by the application of color. Researchers have found that colors have a higher vibrational energy than sounds – so they are even more effective than the spoken word.

With color relaxation, the energies of the body, mind and soul are supported and strengthened so that one can relax from within and through one’s own efforts. By enjoying art and colors, wellbeing can be individually influenced, whereby the person can achieve deep relaxation and unexpected artistic insights. The artistic journey to relaxation and pleasure not only comes through the careful observation of art images, but also through the path of poetry, sculpture and sound.

The sculptures

While modern painting with its stylistic and technical diversity takes us into the artistic landscapes of the world, the painted sculptures at the beginning of the color chapters lead us into the ancient realms of art history, which can be called the roots of our art. The effects of an archaic world of forms can be seen in many works of contemporary art.

The ancient replicas have lost none of their quality. What they lack, however, is the color, because over 2000 years ago they shone in bright colors that were placed over the bronze or marble. With the help of light and color, attention is drawn to the forgotten opulent coloration of the originals.

The music

In contrast, the pieces of music from the classical repertoire that are matched to each color are musical recommendations that correspond to a tone color. They too carry you away into worlds of the imagination. The gentle flow of the melody addresses the emotional side of the brain and increases concentration so that it is easier to indulge in the enjoyable viewing of the images.

The music is further relaxing and resembles the scent of flowers floating in the air. In this way you can listen to relaxing music while looking at the works of art or in a “refuge of the muse” on a CD. Of course, you can also make music there yourself.

Lyric and sound

Poetry is also sound, with the music of the vowels and consonants playing an important role. Poetry can provide musical pleasure in that it can be perceived as music in addition to the meaning (content). In this sense, music also differentiates itself from painting, whereby abstract, non-representational painting (especially because of its color tones) is closer to music than representational art or prose.

Music and art as well as poetry and sound are both a gateway to the self and a bridge to the cosmos. The unification of one’s own self with the creative and artistic spirit of the world as a whole also forms the basis of haiku poetry. Haiku poetry appeals to the entire orchestra of the senses, it prompts you to take in nature and landscape, to return to them in the “here and now”.

Not infrequently, the haiku poets were also gifted painters. Image and verse were often created in one operation. The intense immersion in nature leads to a captivating visual quality, which in turn stimulates painting.