Guide: How to use our website?

Due to our diverse books, presentations, contests and events with attractive public relations and extraordinary offers, our website is more complex. Here is an overview for your easy orientation.

Welcome to Enter into Art! +

Please take a look at the top menu first! You can find all information about our books here: 

  • Current offers and projects in the editing process – uppermost menu item CALL ARTISTS
  • All published books – uppermost menu item ART BOOKS
  • Here you can buy our books – lower menu items BUY BOOKS (ART BOOKS)
  • Information about the registration of your artworks: FAQ (uppermost menu)
  • Information about “The way we  work?” – lower menu item of FAQ
  • Further information about our poetry and other things
  • Contact (lower menu item of HOME)

In the right sidebar you will find the archive of our book projects and events. When you click on the period, different information will appear for each year, such as:

  • Blog posts with more information about each art book…
  • Events in connection with our books / bonus videos, awards, winners, presentations…
  • Excerpts of the texts in our books… (You can copy them and use Google Translate.)
  • Helpful tips and offers for your work / information about public relations…
  • Photos and tours of our former exhibitions, lists with the participating artists / galleries of artworks…
  • Information about “The way we work”.

Our international art books have the character of gift books with pictures and lyrical poems. The texts in the books – written by us specially for the artists – encourage readers to look closely at the artworks and to enjoy them. Through our PR strategy and gift book concept, the interplay of art, poetry / literature, classical music and cultural history is central to our book series – with prominent topics playing an important role. These are bilingual art books (first in English and also in German) in full color, published both as hardcover and softcover. We usually publish two to four books a year. The English sections of our books are translated by professional translators (all of whom are native English speakers). In addition to solo books, there are various book series that are accompanied by international contests:

Series of our art gift books:

  • Enter into Art – LOUNGE 1, 2, 3 and 4 (large format artworks)
  • Art Retreat – Kunstretreat (mainly small format artworks, but also large artworks)
  • Solo art books

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