Free Valentine’s greetings – Happy Valentine’s Day!

You can download the Valentine’s greeting cards on this website free of charge and send them as email attachments. You can also print them out in color and send them by post. The range of free greeting cards and gift books is continually expanding. Just stop by again!

You are also welcome to send a link to our online book “Congratulations” (Relaxing with Flowers, Colors, Poetry, and Art). You can find more information about the book in the foreword. If you wish, you can include relaxing music while viewing the online book. The book is bilingual: English and German.

The relaxing book “Congratulations!“ is also available as a printed gift book.

1) Free Valentine’s congratulations and greetings
– with a haiku poem –

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2) Surprise dear people with a gift book!

Free online gift book “Congratulations!”
(Guided relaxation with flower images, colors, art, haiku poetry and music)

Send a link with our online gift book: Congratulations!

Congratulations! - gift book with flowers and artworks
Congratulations! – gift book with flowers and artworks – Herzliche Glückwünsche!

You can give away a link to our online gift book “Congratulations!” free of charge!

Relaxing piano music (headphones?):


Relaxing with Flowers, Colors, Poetry, and Art

Flowers are a gift for every occasion. With gorgeous blossoms, art, and rainbow colors in panoramic format, this unusual gift book will take you on a soothing trip to deep relaxation. The printed flower bouquet was created with love to bring joy to your loved ones. Consciously experience the colors and shapes of the flowers as you breathe them in through your eyes like healing scents. About 150 selected flower motifs, beautiful garden views, and artworks from around the world are accompanied by haiku poetry and classical music recommendations. We have also incorporated inspiration to help you choose colors for your home. Using our step-by-step instructions, feel free to kick back and relax with a soothing color meditation. Whether you want to declare your love to that special someone, wish your friend a speedy recovery, or congratulate friends for their birthday, wedding, or anniversary – just like music, the language of flowers, colors and art has the power to dissolve tension and give joy.

3) Here you can buy the printed book “Congratulations!”

in panoramic format A4!

You can also have it sent directly to a specific address as a gift. You can buy the book as a hardcover or softcover and choose between different qualities:

You can buy the printed gift book at bookseller Peecho:

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