Awards, winners, rewards, finalists and jury 2019

Enter into Art – Winners 2019

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There are 24 awards and 79 finalists in 2019.

The awards are separated into PRINT and MIXED MEDIA.

Jury Awards

1 – 3 Jury Prizes

Excellence Jury Prizes

Editorial awards

Honorable Special Prize

Honorable Mentions

Amber Awards


Grand Juror: Takanori Iwase (Japan)

  • Barry Cottrell, United Kingdom
  • Elmar Peintner, Austria
  • Gerald Hushlak, Canada (Professor)
  • Kelli Valk, Estonia
  • Kouki Tsuritani, Japan
  • Lurdi Blauth, Brazil (Lecturer)
  • Majlinda Kelmendi, Albania (Professor)
  • Meint van der Velde, The Netherlands
  • Peter Hriso, USA (Professor)
  • Sigurborg Stefánsdóttir, Iceland
  • Vicky Tsalamata, Greece (Professor)
  • Watana Kreetong, Thailand


Amongst other things, each winner will receive a German blog post, which will be published within a year. The both first prize winners (PRINT and MIXED MEDIA) will receive a solo exhibition and a German blog post about their solo event.

Blog posts:

Links to the German blog posts – please see on our main website – CONTEST! or the category Art Excellence in the German blog journal. You will find Google Translate at the bottom of the German website.


  • Cleo Wilkinson, Australia, 1st Prize
  • Alina Jackiewicz-Kaczmarek, Poland, 2nd Prize
  • Atsushi Matsuoka, Japan, 3rd Prize
  • Hyejeong Kwon, Korea, Excellence-Prize
  • Kathie Pettersson, Sweden, Excellence-Prize
  • Lurdi Blauth, Brazil, Excellence-Prize
  • Takanori Iwase, Japan, Excellence-Prize
  • Joanna Gibbs, United Kingdom, Honorable Special Prize
  • Dimo Kolibarov, Bulgaria, Honorable Mention
  • Cynthia Millionis, USA, Honorable Mention
  • Hanna Popruha, Poland, Amber Award
  • Elina Autio, Finland, Amber Award

Mixed Media:

  • Hyun-JIN Kim, Taiwan, 1sr Prize
  • Gerhard Rasser, Austria, 2nd Prize
  • Sigurborg Stefansdottir, Iceland, 3rd Prize
  • Linda Lasson, Sweden, Excellence-Prize
  • Agron Bytyçi, Kosovo, Excellence-Prize
  • Anna-Maija Rissanen, Finland, Excellence-Prize
  • Alexander Gurevich, Israel, Excellence-Prize
  • Carlos Laos Brache, France, Honorable Special Prize
  • Ivy Stevens-Gupta, USA, Honorable Mention
  • Silvia Anton, Romania, Honorable Mention
  • Mira Satryan, USA, Amber Award
  • Susana Carvalho, Portugal, Amber Award
Mixed Media:

See also:

Category “WETTBEWERB Kunst” (CONTEST Art) in the German blog journal.

Solo exhibitions for the 1st prizes:

In addition, we will report on the solo exhibitions, which will be integrated in the exhibitions 2020. Please see “Solo exhibitions 2020”!

Finalists – nominee

(PRINT and MIXED MEDIA: 79 finalists)

After a pre-selection the Grand Juror selected a part of the pictures, which served as the basis for the jury’s selection of the jury awards. The pictures of the jury members are automatically among the finalists. The jury members are selected by us according to professional as well as intercultural aspects. Please click on a picture!