Awards, winners, rewards, finalists and jury 2018

Enter into Art – Winners 2018



 There are 20 awards and 47 finalists in 2018!


Jury Awards

1 – 3 Jury Prizes



Excellence Jury Prizes



Editorial awards

Honorable Special Prize

Honorable Mentions



Grand Juror: Bo Cronqvist, Sweden

  • Agim Salihu (Professor), Kosovo
  • Amaryllis Siniossoglou (Professor), Greece
  • Carlos Marin Uribe, Colombia
  • Diana Kleiner, Argentina
  • Ernest Chan, Singapore
  • Grace Huang, Australia
  • Iosif Mihailo (Professor), Romania
  • Joshua Watts, United Arab Emirates
  • Kelly Nelson (Professor), USA
  • Lars Holmström, Finland
  • Serge Koch, Luxembourg
  • Stephen Lawlor, Irland;
  • Takanori Iwase, Japan


Amongst other things, each winner will receive a German blog post, which will be published within a year.

Blog posts:

Links to the German blog posts – please see also on our main website – CONTEST!

See also:

Category “WETTBEWERB” (Contest) in the German blog journal

Solo exhibitions for the prizes 1 – 3:

In addition, we will report on the solo exhibitions, which will be integrated in the exhibitions 2019. Please see “Solo exhibitions 2019”!

Finalists – nominee

After a pre-selection the Grand Juror selected a part of the pictures, which served as the basis for the jury’s selection of the jury awards. The pictures of the jury members are automatically among the finalists. The jury members are selected by us according to professional as well as intercultural aspects.