Magic of La Bohème

The beauty of art and poetry gives people courage, hope and confidence!

International book project (with contest)
Art Book ‘Magic of La Bohème
(Homage to the bohemian and to Paris)
(Book series: LOUNGE 2 – volume IX)

Editor: Kurt Ries

165th birthday and also the 100th anniversary of Puccini’s death (one year later)

You may use Google Translate or any other translation tool. (Die deutschsprachigen Teilnahmebedingungen können per E-Mail angefordert werden!)

No limitation on size, style, medium and subject for your works of art – see below / the text highlighted in blue).

Since you are invited, your participation is guaranteed!

“Only the world of reality has its limits, while the world of the imagination is boundless.” (J.-J. Rousseau)

With one image you can present your work on a full page. I need up to three artworks (jpg files). The book has the character of a beautiful gift book with art and lyrical poems. It will be bilingual (English as the first language plus German): EXAMPLE (sample book) Or look at other volumes in the most upper menu ART BOOKS!

If you are interested, please send us an email and ask for the payment details! We will send it to you with our brief guideline (summary of the Rules):

The places in the book are limited! You can reserve your page(s) by paying the entry fee.

(JPEG-images can be sent later – by February 28, 2023.)

  • Reduced fee: EUR 139 for one of your artworks on a full page (instead of EUR 155, because of the Corona situation).

Offer for additional images: Please ask for our reduced prices!

Explanation on the subject: “Magic of La Bohème” (Homage to the bohemian and to Paris)

Giacomo Puccini’s masterpiece „La Bohème” is one of the five most performed operas. Its worldwide success is mainly based on the fact that it is about the true representation of the life, suffering and love of artists who want to work without making concessions to public taste. Following on from this, any work of art unrelated to the subject is welcome, including unconventional creations, because bohemians have always wanted absolute freedom in their work. The libretto of the opera is based on the novel “Scènes de la Vie de Bohème” by Henri Murger and is set in Paris. While impressions from Paris are welcome, they are not a priority. The book will be designed accordingly by the editor, with a discussion about Puccini and the bohemian theme in the foreword. Next year we will be celebrating both the 165th birthday and also the 100th anniversary of Puccini’s death. The bohemian theme is very popular: Charles Aznavour took it up in his world-famous chanson, „La Bohème,“ while Thomas Mann also devoted his attention to Puccini’s opera in his novel „The Magic Mountain“. The Broadway rock musical “Rent” also takes up the theme.

You confirm your participation with your payment. It means you have read, understood and agree to the rules and conditions. According to the rules payment must be made to Kurt Ries.

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Included in the fee:

  • A printed art gift book will be published, with your page and one selected artwork, indicating your website address (if desired).
  • Providing the book with the specific PR content and design: a short descriptive statement (a bilingual slogan written by us for each artwork), an entertaining foreword and poems, selected by the editor.
  • The artist receives the simple right of use of the book (worldwide) for an unlimited period of time.
  • Participation in the contest for up to 14 book design awards.

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a) I need your address (decisive for your payment) and your current website address (if there).

The pictures can be sent a few months later (see the deadline for the pictures).

b) Please rename your jpg images with the following file name:
(your first and last name number country – without comma!)

Pablo Picasso 1 France.jpg

If you order more pages, please send us more images!

c) Please rank the artworks according to your preference! Artwork information should be exactly in the following format:

First and Last name Number of the picture, Country, Title, Year, Technique, Size in cm
Pablo Picasso 1 France, Portrait, 2013, oil on Canvas, 80 x 100 cm)

There are up to 3 artworks needed (an image of each piece to be sent as a jpg file of approx. 3,000 to 4,000 KB), out of which will be selected one. One side of the image file must be 20 cm long by 300 dpi.

Please send your address and the information of your artworks together with your images to the following email address:

Alternatively (if the emails not arrive):

2. ABOUT THE BOOK (See PART 2 of the Rules!)

The bilingual book will be printed in soft and hardcover (21 x 21 cm). Artists can buy copies of the printed book at a reduced author price. No compulsory purchase! No print copies are included in the cost to publish. Please see in detail the Author’s Price section in the PART 2 of the Rules! Regarding distribution please click on the links included!

3. COPYRIGHT (See PART 3 of the Rules!)

By paying the fee, the artist acquires the right to use the book as specified in a special contract, which comes into force when it is signed by the artist. The copyright and other rights of artwork use remain with the artist. The works are, therefore, freely available to the artist!

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