Free Christmas card with candle light and haiku poem – Christmas video

With the first beautiful candlelight here the Christmas season has begun, and we wanted to surprise you with two free Christmas greetings cards and a Christmas video with music. You can download the Christmas cards for free, each with a Christmas haiku, and then forward them as email attachments.

Christmas video with music and poem

In order to include international artists in the festive offerings on our German Bernsteinrose blog, we have had two of our German Christmas cards translated into English. Surely you understand that festivities for the popularity of art are useful. You may read more about here… You can forward these greetings with relaxing haiku poems to your family, friends and colleagues for free. And don’t forget to draw attention to your pictures in our beautiful art books – maybe even give away a book!

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We have also created a Christmas video with piano music. The Christmas greeting video you can share or send by a link.

Free greetings cards with Christmas poems

With their art-inspired haiku poems, our Christmas cards will be especially appealing to people who are interested in art and poetry.
Christmas card with poem - for free download
Merry Christmas greeting with poem for free download!
This greetings card for the Christmas season should appeal especially to families and children. The poem inspires images of a relaxing excursion into the winter landscape.
Free download Christmas greeting with haiku poem
Christmas greetings with haiku poem for free download!

Instructions to download the Christmas cards:

  • Click on the image with the Christmas card, to enlarge it!
  • Press the right-hand mouse button, then “Save Image”, and save the file to your hard disk.
  • You can forward the Christmas cards free of charge as an email attachment.

(Please note the copyright: the Christmas cards should not be changed. Nor may they be mapped to other websites.)

The Enter into Art team wishes a wonderful time!